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Radio 101 - Using VOX on two way radios

Most higher end consumer two way radios usually have a feature known as VOX. But what is it? What does it do? More importantly, how can I use it in my application? In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios tells you exactly what VOX is, what it does and how to determine if this feature is right for you.

24 thoughts on “Radio 101 - Using VOX on two way radios”

  • Re your video on two way radios.
    I'm trying to put together a VOX Two way radio set for communicating with three people. I'm a State Soccer referee based out of Minnesota,and I would like to build a system for three officials to use on a soccer field.
    I have looked at a system called "REF TALK" which retails around $750.00
    From your video it explains that noise can play a major issue as far as interference in communication. I was looking at purchasing three two way radio sets which would be hooked up to three microphones and would only have to transmit and receive over a distance of 120 yards average distance of a soccer field. I have looked at Motorola hand held devices and would like your opinion. these radios sell at target for $49.00 each.
    What would you suggest as far as this application?. I'm not concerned about security and understand that you have to select a channel that has no,or limited interference. These radios would be secured in some kind of Velcro belt tied around the waist under the referees uniform with the headset wires being also placed under the referees shirt.
    Could you suggest a package from your company which may work for this application. I have also looked at a company called Volkory ,based out of France. They make the professional head sets for the BPL and MLS soccer leagues . These retail for over $3000.00.
    Cost is a major factor and I would like to put something together for under $250.00 Is that feasible and do you have any two way radio sets that could do this. Again I would need a totalof three radios. The head sets you'd mentioned that most of them will function with a VOX radio. Do you also provide these?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    david Bland.


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