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Radio 101 - How to use a throat mic

Throat mics such as the XLT TM-200-MT are popular two way radio accessories for use in noisy environments. But how do they work and how do you properly wear one? In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios will show you what a throat mic is, how it works and how to use one like a pro.

3 thoughts on “Radio 101 - How to use a throat mic”

  • David

    I really wish someone would help me with my clarity issues using my throat mics and motorola BTRs. I have no idea where to go for a resource on troubleshooting this problem.

  • Rick

    Hi Dan,
    The video was never intended to be a comprehensive tutorial about issues with throat mics. It was created as a response to the most basic frequently asked questions we receive from customers who have never used a throat mic before and want to know what it is, how it basically works, and how to wear it, hence the title How to use a throat mic.
    Our Radio 101 series is just that, it's Radio 101. It covers the basic questions asked about two way radios in simple terms, using easy to understand concepts and examples, in two minutes or less. It is primarily aimed at those who are somewhat new to radios and want to learn more about them.
    Perhaps in the future we may follow up with a more in-depth discussion about throat mics in another video series or on an episode of our The Two Way Radio Show Podcast. Stay tuned! We appreciate the comments!

  • Dan Besecker

    My interest was piqued by the link for information on Throat mics. I was hoping for recommendations about how to overcome the problem that I have experienced with poor clarity while using throat mics. The only theme this video discusses is how to put it on. Really? Information like that could be communicated with a simple drawing or photo if it weren't obvious to the user already. The video could have been much better utilized to make recommendations about how to overcome problems associated with throat mics. It could have been a very helpful, but instead there doesn't seem as if there is much to be gained by this video.


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