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The new XLT CS200G Universal Two Way Radio Carrying Case is here!

carrying case_03.jpgA portable handheld two way radio needs a portable radio carrying case, and they are not always easy to find. Radios come in varying shapes and sizes and not all of them have a case designed for every specific make or model. A case that is universally compatible with most, or even all of them is not very common, and a good one that can handle the rigors of everyday use is a tall order indeed. That is, it was, until now.

The XLT CS200G is here!

The XLT CS200G Universal Two Way Radio Carrying Case is designed for compatibility with many different brands and models of portable handheld radios. Based on the popular XLT CS100G, it improves on the original with a better design, higher quality materials, and solid construction for a heavier duty look and feel that will allow you to carry your walkie talkie more securely with confidence.

carrying case_05.jpgThe CS200G is made of Cordura® fabric coated with DuPont™ Teflon® to repel oil and water. Liquids such as water will bead instead of soak the material to protect the radio and make the case easier to keep clean.

The belt loop is large and can accommodate rather wide or thick belts. It loops around the belt and secures with a combination of hook-and-loop fasteners and two large metal snaps. The belt loop assemblies on some cases are often riveted or glued to the product. This isn't the case with the CS200G. The loop is stitched onto the case, giving it a more durable, heavy duty construction to reduce the risk of tearing or separation when handling heavier radios.

Once seated in the case, the radio is secured in place with a heavy duty elastic cord the stretches over the radio and locks into the large clip on the front. The cord keeps the radio seated tightly in the case while it leaves the top and upper end of the radio open for the antenna and easy access to knobs, buttons and audio accessory ports.

The CS200G also includes a three point harness that clips to rings on the bottom sides and top of case. The harness is adjustable and the clips allow for easy removal of the harness from the case.

We haven't yet tested the CS200G with every radio we sell, but it does seem to fit with most consumer FRS/GMRS walkie talkies such as Cobra, Garmin, Midland, Motorola, Olympia and Uniden, as well as all of our Baofeng and Wouxun amateur handheld transceivers and a lot of our business radios, including popular Blackbox, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Olympia and Vertex models. It also works with some handheld marine radios. We even tried it with one of our Uniden handheld scanners and it fit right in the case, nice and snug.

We're still checking it out ourselves, but so far the XLT CS200G has proven itself to be quite the universal case, indeed. With improved design, quality and construction over its predecessor, the CS200G is sure to become the case of choice for many two way radio operators.

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