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Frequency ranges of the Wouxun KG-UV9D

Since our announcement of the upcoming launch of the Wouxun KG-UV9D, we have received numerous queries for more details about the capabilities and features of this new radio. Some of the more frequently asked questions are related to bands and frequency ranges covered by the KG-UV9D and which of the two sides or areas of this dual receive radio (A, B, or both) support them.

The KG-UV9D does indeed perform Twin Band Simultaneous Receiving, which means both A and B areas of the radio can independently receive and audibly emit a signal through the speaker, allowing you to hear two bands and, on some bands, two frequencies on the same band at the same time.

We put the emphasis on the word some, because not all 7 bands are supported in both A and B areas of the radio. The table below maps the bands and frequencies supported by the KG-UV9D and the area(s) of the radio in which each will operate.

Wouxun KG-UV9D Frequency Range
Area A RX TX Area B RX TX
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76-108MHz (FM Radio)
108-136MHz (AM)
144-148MHz (FM) 144-148MHz (FM)
136-180MHz (FM)
230-250MHz (FM)
350-400MHz (FM)
420-450MHz (FM) 420-450MHz (FM)
420-450MHz (FM) 420-450MHz (FM)
700-985MHz (FM)

In a nutshell, the 2 meter VHF (144-148MHz) and 70cm UHF (420-450MHz) bands are available on both A and B for transmit and receive operation. In addition, the KG-UV9D can also receive up to 180MHz in the A area only. The only other band available on the B side is the FM radio. The other bands can be only received in the A area.

5 thoughts on “Frequency ranges of the Wouxun KG-UV9D”

  • Damon

    I hope this thread is still looked at. I got the KG-UV9D and it's a great radio, but I really need to have it unlocked. I'm Army active duty and we use commercial type radios on mil frequencies (these are all by request and not illegal), and I wanted to be able to get this radio to be used in the mil bands. Has anyone got anything that can unlock it?

  • Rick

    Thanks for catching that, Bob. The frequency ranges originally listed on the chart and in the blog were correct when Wouxun first launched the KG-UV9D, however they made couple of changes to the radio since then, locking it down to ham frequencies only for transmit, then apparently locking them down further on receive as well. Some changes are made with notification, however others are not, so sometimes we find out about them after the fact. I appreciate it!

  • Rick, this is an old thread I've just stumbled upon, but your answer still does not address the line in the description that reads, "In a nutshell, the 2 meter VHF (136-174MHz) and 70cm UHF (400-512MHz) bands are available on both A and B for transmit and receive operation."
    As this line states, 400-512MHz is available for transmit and receive operation. If this is incorrect, can the original post be edited?

  • Rick

    Hi Brett, In the product description the frequencies are divided into two sections, Transmit (TX) and Receive (RX). In the first section, the frequencies listed as Transmission are 420-450MHz UHF (FM TX). In the second section, the frequencies listed as Reception are 400-512MHz (FM RX). In other words, the radio can transmit on the 70cm band only up to 450MHz, but can receive up to 512MHz.
    In the Features List section, it states that the radio is capable of both receive and transmit on 420-450MHz UHF Frequencies. This is correct, it is merely truncating the information in the product description for customers who are only interested in the frequencies on which the radio can do both.
    When the KG-UV9D was first launched, we expected some of the radios to be unlocked, that is Wouxun would ship them with the ability to exceed the frequency range on transmit. The company has since dropped this policy on their handhelds and now ships them locked to the original frequency range. The chart above was originally created before the policy went into effect, hence the discrepancy. Thank you for alerting us to the error. We updated the chart to correctly reflect the current capabilities of the KG-UV9D and apologize for any confusion.

  • Brett Edwards

    In the Wouxun KG-UV9D product description you have listed the TX/RX freq as •420-450MHz UHF (FM TX) but on this bigger list above you are saying it TX/RX on 400-512MHz. This is really confusing as to which range the product really is.
    Can you confirm is it TX/RX on 420-450 or 400-512.


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