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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Hytera year end instant discount promotion 2015

    Note: This promotion expired December 31, 2015 and is no longer available.

    Hytera is offering a special year end promotion on its new OBR series on-site business two way radios! Purchase at least 6 TC-310 OBR or TC-518 OBR radios and get an instant $40 discount off each radio purchased!

    This is a great deal from Hytera, but it gets even better. There are two bonuses! First, there is no limit to the number of radios you can order. Buy six, ten, a hundred or more and you still get $40 off each radio purchased. Second, you can mix and match the models. Need four TC-310 radios and two of the TC-518? No problem. You still get $40 off each radio purchased!

    Here is the best part. There is no rebate to redeem and no promo code to put in. The $40 savings per radio is applied automatically at check out. If you are searching for a great deal on business two way radios, this is the one! But hurry. This offer expires December 31, 2015 and is valid only on radios purchased at the time of sale.

    The following Hytera OBR radios are eligible for this special $40 off promotion. (minimum six radios purchased with no maximum):

    Model Min Purchase Max Purchase Option
    HYT TC310 OBR 6 None $40 off each radio purchased
    HYT TC-518-U1-LP

    6 None $40 off each radio purchased
    HYT TC-518-U1-HP

    6 None $40 off each radio purchased
    HYT TC-518-V-LP

    6 None $40 off each radio purchased
    HYT TC-518-V-HP

    6 None $40 off each radio purchased

  • TWRS-98 - New Hytera Business Radios

    Two Way Radio Show
    We tell you about the new OBR series of analog business two way radios from Hytera. We also review the Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus Multi-Band Two Way Radio Limited Edition.

    Intro :00
    Billboard 1:21

    Discussion Topic 1:40
    we talk about the new Hytera OBR Series business radios, the TC-310 OBR and TC-518 OBR . We'll give you an overview of their features and specifications and compare them to some popular Motorola and Kenwood radios.

    Commercial Break 20:47
    buytwowayradios.com 1:00

    Product Review 21:43
    We review the Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus Multi-Band Two Way Radio Limited Edition.

    Questions and Answers 31:01
    Questions from readers of our Two Way Radio Blog and members of the Two Way Radio Forum.

    Wrap up and Close 36:22
    Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show[at]buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

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  • Announcing the new Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Limited Edition!

    Earlier this year, Wouxun launched the KG-UV9D Multi-Band Two Way Radio. Similar in style to the popular and venerable KG-UV8D, with its impressively large, color display, the 9D upgraded the screen of the 8D and added 5 additional RX bands for a grand total of seven.

    The KG-UV9D generated quite a bit of interest in the ham community, and it was naturally assumed this new transceiver would only add to the features of its predecessor without taking any of them away. While it was generally well received, some users lamented the fact that the 9D lacked the one specific feature that gave the 8D much of its venerability. We're talking, of course, about cross-band repeat functionality.

    For those who wished for it, you're in luck. Now Wouxun is granting that wish, and just in time for the holidays, with the introduction of the new Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus)!

    9d-plus.jpgThe KG-UV9D (Plus) has all of the standard features of the KG-UV9D, plus cross-band repeat capability. It also has 6 additional menu items, most of which are related to cross-band repeat configuration.

    While the Plus does look nearly identical to the standard 9D cosmetically, on closer inspection there are noticeable differences. The buttons on keypad of the UV9D are somewhat square, but the buttons on the 9D Plus are rounded. The speaker grill on the Plus is wider, and the knobs on top are shorter and wider. The PTT button looks and feels different as well, with a bit more play on the edges. The chassis of the UV9D Plus is also a little thicker, measuring about a millimeter or so more than the regular 9D.

    However, both radios use the same battery, belt clip, desktop charger, case and other accessories, plus they use the same Kenwood K1 accessory connector, which means if you already have a 9D, adding a 9D Plus to the mix really won't be much of an issue.

    The KG-UV9D (Plus) is news, to be sure, but here's the real kicker. This radio isn't available in a general release. It is currently only available as a part of a special package for the 2015 holiday season - The Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Limited Edition!

    This Limited Edition is a complete 9D (Plus) package at an incredible price point. It includes:

    • The Wouxun KG-UV9D (PLUS) Two Way Radio
    • Two Li-Ion Battery Packs - yes, two of them
    • Multi-Band High Gain Antenna
    • Dual Band Stubby Antenna
    • Two Belt Clips - one for each battery
    • Wrist Strap
    • Charger Tray
    • AC Adapter
    • 12V DC Adapter - to charge in a vehicle!
    • Battery Eliminator - to power directly in a vehicle!
    • C-Ring Earpiece with PTT - nice!
    • Speaker Microphone - another nice extra!
    • Leather Case
    • SMA Male to UHF Female (SO-239) Adapter - to connect a mobile antenna!
    • USB Programming Cable
    • USB Driver CD
    • Programming Software CD
    • Owners Manual

    Wouxun-KG-UV9D-Plus-Limited-Edition-Box.jpgThis isn't a mere mish-mash of Wouxun stuff thrown into a box, either. The Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Limited Edition is a complete collection of the radio and accessories assembled by the manufacturer and presented in style - in a limited edition holiday box!

    Great, but how much does it cost? Well, the regular KG-UV9D minus a cross-band repeat feature currently sells for $179.99 without any extras. This kit includes a radio plus cross-band repeat, plus over $100 in accessories. The price? The Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Limited Edition is only $229.99.

    No doubt about it, plus or not, this package makes a phenomenal gift, either for your favorite friend or family member who likes ham radio, or just for yourself. The KG-UV9D Plus LE Dual Band Two Way Radio - Limited Edition is a real value, especially for the price.

    There's just one caveat. Wouxun only made one thousand of these sets. One thousand. That's why it's a Limited Edition. We have them at Buy Two Way Radios, but when they're gone, we may not be able to get any more. If you want one for the holidays, you may want to get it now.

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