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Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Digital Two Way Radio Preview Video

Wouxun took the ham radio world by storm when it introduced the KG-UV8D. Since then, the company has gained a considerable foothold in the market with an entire line of handheld amateur radios based on variations of the 8D, such as the KG-UV8D Plus, KG-UV9D, KG-UV9D Plus, and more recently the KG-UV8E Tri Band Radio. Now they are about to enter all new territory with the introduction of their first digital radio, the KG-D901!

Watch as Danny Feemster from Buy Two Way Radios opens up the box and gives you both a brief overview and a sneak peek at Wouxun's first DMR radio and what may become their next best seller! For more details on this digital handheld radio from Wouxun, read the specs and hear our discussion on The Two Way Radio Show Podcast episode TWRS-99 - The New Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Digital Radio.

9 thoughts on “Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Digital Two Way Radio Preview Video”

  • Harry Vaderci

    The D901 has 2 zones 16 channels, where the MD-380 has 250 zones, up to 16 channels per zone. Hopefully the channel memory is increased the firmware is user up-gradable.

  • Denis

    Can't decide between the convenience of dual-band analog (not to mention the scanning abilities with all the extra RX bands of the KGIV9D and the discrete transmissions of a single-band digital radio.
    Ah well, I'll hold on to the 9D until Woxun steps off its laurels and releases a full-fledge dual-band TX. It's not as if it were an impossible feat, it just that, I suppose, in its initial release Wouxun is keeping something worth buying next year, hence locking down the dual mode... What a bummer!
    In the meantime, thank you for the preview video.

  • wqnd300

    single band junk!

  • Rick

    As an authorized Wouxun dealer, we do not modify or attempt to reverse engineer our demo units. Disassembly, modifications or reverse engineering of Wouxun product will void the manufacturer warranty and is not recommended. Such mods are performed at your own risk.

  • Demian

    Is it the same OS as Tytera MD380, MD390 or Retevis rt-8? Will experimental firmware work with it?

  • Rick

    We just received word from Wouxun that their engineers are currently working to add more zones. When they do, we will provide an update. stay tuned!

  • Scott Galloway
    Scott Galloway June 14, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    It's not comparable to any other DMR radio with a color screen. So it should be priced less. 2 zones with 16 channels each isn't much. Sounds like a $75 to $100 radio to me. Don't mean any disrespect.

  • Rick

    Final pricing has not yet been set by Wouxun, however we anticipate that it will be competitively priced against other DMR radios on the market.

  • Robbie

    Any idea on price


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