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How to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R from the keypad

Baofeng UV-5R-2.jpgThe Baofeng UV-5R is one of the most popular dual band handheld two way radios on the market worldwide. It's compact, feature packed, and very inexpensive. For many users who are new to programming portables, it is also one of the most challenging to program, primarily due to a poorly written user manual and an all but complete lack of support from its manufacturer, Baofeng.

Fortunately, there are some helpful resources available from a global community of UV-5R enthusiasts, including an easier to read and understand owner's manual and an excellent software application designed to program the UV-5R from a computer. The programming software is called CHIRP, and it is freely available online.

Of course, CHIRP is a great solution, provided you have a computer, an easy to install programming cable and the time to input all the data for 128 channels. But, what if you are on the road or out in the field and don't have a computer handy? What if you need to add in a frequency or program a channel on the fly?

We often receive calls from customers who just purchased their first Baofeng UV-5R from Buy Two Way Radios and want to know how to to operate it. More specifically, they want to know how to program their radio manually, directly from the radio itself.

So, here's how to do it. Follow the instructions below to manually program your Baofeng UV-5R direct from the keypad of the radio.

How to manually program a simplex channel
  • Step 1. Press [VFO/MR] and enter Frequency Mode.
  • Step 2. Press [A/B] and choose the A Side (upper display).
    The A side must be used to program channels into the radio. Programming data entered on the B Side (lower display) will not be saved.
  • Step 3. Press [BAND] for the frequency band.
    Toggle [BAND] to choose 136 MHz (VHF) or 470 MHz (UHF).
    If the incorrect band is chosen for the frequency entered in Step 5, the radio will cancel the operation.
  • Step 4. Disable TDR (Dual Watch/Dual Standby).
    Press [MENU] 7 [MENU] [press up/down arrow keys] OFF [MENU] [EXIT]
    It is highly advised to turn TDR off when programming directly from the radio.
  • Step 5. Enter the frequency.
    Use the keypad to enter the frequency into the radio.
  • Step 6. optional - Enter the transmit CTCSS/DCS code.
    • CTCSS - [MENU] 13 [MENU] [enter/choose code XXXX] [MENU] [EXIT]
    • DCS - [MENU] 12 [MENU] [choose code XXXXX] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 7. Assign the frequency to a channel.
    [MENU] 27 [MENU] [enter channel number XXX] [MENU] [EXIT]

How to manually program a repeater channel
  • Step 1. Press [VFO/MR] and enter Frequency Mode.
  • Step 2. Press [A/B] and choose the A Side (upper display).
    Like the simplex channels, the A side must be used to program the repeater channels into the radio. Programming data entered on the B Side (lower display) will not be saved.
  • Step 3. Press [BAND] for the frequency band
    Toggle [BAND] to choose 136 MHz (VHF) or 470 MHz (UHF).
    If the incorrect band is chosen for the frequency entered in Step 6, the radio will cancel the operation.
  • Step 4. optional - Clear any CTCSS/DCS codes previously assigned to the channel.
    If no previous codes exist or when setting up the channel for the first time and no codes are needed, set the menu items listed below to OFF.
    • RX DCS - [MENU] 10 [MENU] [enter 0 (OFF)] [MENU] [EXIT]
    • RX CTCSS - [MENU] 11 [MENU] [enter 0 (OFF)] [MENU] [EXIT]
    • TX DCS - [MENU] 12 [MENU] [enter 0 (OFF)] [MENU] [EXIT]
    • TX CTCSS - [MENU] 13 [MENU] [enter 0 (OFF)] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 5. Disable TDR (DualWatch/Dual Standby).
    Press [MENU] 7 [MENU] [press up/down arrow keys] OFF [MENU] [EXIT]
    It is highly advised to turn TDR off when programming directly from the radio.
  • Step 6. optional - Delete any existing data on the channel to program.
    Skip this step when setting up the channel for the first time. Press [MENU] 28 [press up/down arrow keys to choose channel number] [MENU] [EXIT]
    It is highly advised to turn TDR off when programming directly from the radio.
  • Step 7. Enter the frequency.
    Use the keypad to enter the frequency into the radio.
  • Step 8. Input the repeater frequency offset.
    Press [MENU] 26 [MENU] [enter the offset for 2 meter or 70 cm repeater] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 9. Enter the Transmit Frequency Shift.
    Press [MENU] 25 [MENU] [enter 1 for positive shift or 2 for negative shift] [MENU][EXIT]
  • Step 10. optional - Enter the transmit CTCSS/DCS code.
    • CTCSS - [MENU] 13 [MENU] [enter/choose code XXXX] [MENU] [EXIT]
    • DCS - [MENU] 12 [MENU] [choose code XXXXX] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 11. Enter the repeater output frequency.
    Use the keypad to enter the frequency into the radio.
  • Step 12. Assign the receive frequency to the same channel in Step 6.
    [MENU] 27 [MENU] [enter channel number XXX] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 13. Press the [*Scan] button to activate Reverse Mode and display the transmit frequency.
  • Step 14. Assign the transmit frequency to the channel.
    Press [MENU] 27 [MENU] [enter the same memory channel in step 12] [MENU] [EXIT]
  • Step 15. Press the [*Scan] button to exit .

To add more channels, simply repeat the steps above. If these step-by-step instructions are followed correctly, you should be able to program all 128 channels (000-127) in your Baofeng UV-5R as you need.


Very Helpful! How do I name the programmed channels?

Just wondering wat would the frequency channel be at step 6 it has me a bit confused.thank you in advance

Dear Friends,
How to hide or disable Channel mode B from showing up or using it. ?
please advise

Hi all i recently bought a baofeng UV-5R and found it easy to program from the keypad. However when i checked how low it went i discovered it works as low down as 130 mhz and as high as 176.9975 VHF and on UHF 400 mhz to 520.9975, the info says 136 mhz to 176 mhz VHF and on UHF 400 to 520 mhz. Has anyone else found this extended range? Not programmed via a computer so not been expanded. Cheers Dave in UK M6DOA

Hello Dave,

I have a Baofeng UV-5RV2+ I picked up off of Amazon last summer. Mine also transmits in the extended ranges you describe. I've read that these radios were't necessarily designed for Ham Radio. That would explain the wider transmit coverage.




You can set the min and max boundaries using the CHRIP software.



Is there any way that I can program if I don't have the frequency number that other radios around me with in the same building? Thank you for any help with this issue.

I'm stuck on step 3 as my UV-5RV2+ doesn't have a Band key/button. Thanks.

I still can't get my Baofeng uv-5r programmed to my emergency channels

How can I tell what band I'm using? nothing shows up when I hit the band button.

Salut à tous
J'ai acheté le mien aujourd'hui alors ma question .Est'il possible de descendre sur les frequences 118 mhz

You tell by the frequency range you're in. 130MHz - 176MHz is VHF, 400MHz - 520MHz is UHF. There's no specific indicators on the LCD screen to identify the band you're set to.

step (14) is confusing. It say enter same memory channel as in step (27). Did you mean step (7)?

My voice prompts are in Chinese . How can I get it speaking English.

hi new bies... what is the frequency of channel 1 thanks

I bought a UV-5r (BFB 297) last week or so, and i have 2 questions to ask:

Q1 - Is it possible to expand the 127 Ch to more capacity?
Q2 - With radio off, i punch key 6 plus radio on and on tehe screen apears " 170508N". What is the meaning?


Good afternoon people,

Can someone replay the questions i worte before?


Hello Rick,
Thanks for reply my questions. I'm just waiting for the cable program to star programing the radio and see what he is able to do.
I have also a Alinco DJV5E, Icom W32E and Wouxun KG-UV9D(Plus) and with this one i enter in a repeater at 47 miles from distance.

How do I program a 4 digit frequency like 33.94 instead of

Hi people, i received a cable from Baofeng, to program my uv-5r (BFB297), and i connected to shirp software, and when i chose the port and vendor and type of radio, it tries to download from radio, it apears on screen "radio did not respond".
Can you help me with this?


Witam czy uv-5r moge sie polaczyc z radiem o zakresie czestotliwosci od 30mhz do 87mhz jesli tak to jak to zrobic bo nic mi nie wychodzi dziekuje i pozdrawiam.

I am using a BTECH UV-5X3, but these are similar enough to be useful to me. The FIRST item I hadn't realized is that you need to be setting your repeater settings on band A or they won't save (i.e., DON'T save settings when you are on the lower band B setting!)

I especially appreciated step 11 (menu no. 26 on my radio): "Use the KEYPAD (my emphasis) to enter the frequency into the radio." Throughout most of the rest of the menu items, it is necessary to use the up and down arrow buttons to set menu items. I tried this in vain, finally searching and finding this web site, which gave me the answer, which was that I actually needed to TYPE IN THE OFFSET USING THE KEYPAD, which is in MHz. So if I want a -5.0 MHz offset, I set the offset to negative using another menu item, no. 25 SFT-D on my radio, set to negative. Then I go to menu item no. 26 to type in the offset. Type in 005000 for a 5 MHz offset.

Thank you so much!

de SRE, K6QT

My voice prompts are in Chinese . How can I get it speaking English.
model: UV-5RE

How to set channel mode ?
model: UV-5RE

I have a baofeng uv-5r I don't have a band key so how do I change bands. just by putting in the freq I want

The new radios automatically know the band you are entering because of the first two digits. There is no need for the band setting anymore. Just skip that part and enter the frequency.

Fifteen steps to enter a repeater frequency? That's crazy.

But thanks for the instruction. I never would have figured-that out myself.

I just bought the Baofeng uv-5r plus to use on job sites to communicate with my guys. Is there an easy guide to setting channels as presets for us to use as ptt channels? I like the cost and size of these, but obviously not smart enough to figure it out on my own!! Thanks!!

How do i program for satellite AO-91- Thanks sarma vu3zmv

So is there a basic " walkie talkie use for dummies" out there? I 'm still stumped even with the new expanded manual I downloaded. It's like you have to take some technical class before you're allowed to use a walkie talkie. I say that in all fun and total confusion. It does the basic that I wanted it to do, but I feel like I'm missing out on all the neat things it could do.

I was trying to program the UV-5r but our local fire department frequency only has two numbers before the period like 46.23400 and I can't find anyway to program it in can anybody help me

I have 3 Baofeng UV-5R and a Mitex General . How do I get them to communicate with each other?

Can someone walk me through programming the UV-5R for satellites, no matter what I try I keep screwing it up, I tried simplex per the above instructions then I tried repeater per the above instructions, I can receive signal but cannot transmit I will give example frequency for AO92
Uplink is 435.3500 Downlink is 145.8800. I know it’s operator error but I cannot get the steps above to work. Thanks for any help

Thank you for your step by step walk through. Tried the disc that came with radio, and website listed in packaging, as well as reading the manual, all to no avail. Your accurate and concise directions had me up and running within minutes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!

Rick, your step by step instruction is the best I've seen so far. However, my Baofeng UV-5R still is not picking up the repeater.

I feel sure the problem is with the confusion over which frequency your referring to in each step that mentions "frequency."

Please replace the various uses of "frequency" with "repeater input frequency" or "repeater output frequency" as appropriate, to remove all ambiguity in steps 7,12,13, and 14.

I'm optimistic that I'll finally get on the air after that.


Omg help! I’m trying to program this Baofeng radio to my local Police
In Broward Country Florida!!

Please help!

Thank you.

I can't get 155.610 frequency to work?

After watching the (How To )video on you tube and Google it was very simple and then the instructions made since I have the UV5R great little transceiver

Thank you for the article...drove me nuts trying to enter frequencies manually.

Now that I have all the frequencies, how can tell the actual frequency of a saved channel?

I bought the cable and cd from a vendor on ebay. Then found the CHIRP software and used it to program my 5R. Nothing to explain why the default setting for the squelch is 5. Not having a SQ. control is unusual indeed. Whether or not you use tone squelch on the receive side, a default setting seems to be 88.5, even for the simplex channels. Hope that isn't really the case. Otherwise it was pretty simple using CHIRP software to put the channel frequencies in place. Now to figure out how to or how does the channel scan process work? Clear as mud!

This question was asked earlier by someone else but not answered: Is there a way to turn off one band and its associated frequency display to make the radio act as a single-band UHF radio or a single-band VHF radio?

I have a new UV-5R radio. When I use CHIRP to program Channels I must press "MON" to hear the channel. In Freq mode things are fine and I can hear the radio without pressing Monitor button.

Gary, you may have the squelch set too high (Menu item #0, SQL) or you may have a coded squelch setting turned on when you are programming your channels and saving them. In memory mode, choose a memory channel you have already programmed and then hit MENU, go to menu items #10 (R-DCS) and #11 (R-CTCS). Both should be OFF.

When receiving the transmission massage is cut off, is there a delay code- police scanner mode

Hi. My local fire department frequency is 41.140000 I was wondering if it is possible to program this into my Baofeng UV-5R from the key pad?

I purchased 2 baofeng uv-5r I still can't program it to the police scanner

Hi, is it possibel to lock or delete all frequency other than the ones i want - amateur bands ??
VHF 144 - 148 mHz and UHF 430 - 450 mHz.
thanks in advance.

manual claims FM broadcast reception ,unable to make it work . model UV - 5RTP

can you use this radio as a CB radio

Hello to all, Name here is Dave and the call is W3CWE.
I have two Questions on the UV5R radio. I am just now trying to get
into the satellight stuff. I am having trouble on entering the pl tone
which . 67. Also we were at are local baseball club In Lancaster Pa.
For referance the Stateum is Call Clipper Statume. For a quite a few years
now I get a very strong noise from some where in the area. Now as I have
said before I am down town in Lancaster.Pa. I realize that this noise could
becomming from any where including the statume it self. I did try and
set the squlech up as far is it could go. That did not do a thing. Any thoughts on this probllem? Many thanks for any help.
73.s Dave W3CWE.....

I bought a baofeng UV-5R and longer antenna for my use in the indiana guard reserve, this brand was suggested by several other guys in my brigade. I also plan to use it on camping trips and such when I can use it to talk to walkie talkies. We are going on vacation this Friday and driving from indiana to destin Florida with family and between us all we'll be in 3 seperate vehicles. My dad has a set of walkie talkies (motorola brand i think) and we will be using them to keep in touch to let the others know when stops are needed for food, fuel and restroom breaks etc.

I've read online and watched several youtube videos on how to connect theses radios to the walkie talkies but I can't seem to get through. Yesterday I tried to talk to my dad from my house to his which is only about 3 miles by way the crow flies and there is trees and other terrain between us so I just assumed that it was too much interference to talk 3 miles. But today at work while I was on lunch I tried to talk to my dispatcher who was in the next room, probably 20 feet away and nothing.

According to what I saw online it sounded pretty easy to connect rhem. Am I missing something? Both times I coordinated with the person on the other end to make sure we were on the same channel (ch 1), I made sure my unit was in UHF band, punched in the frs frequency code for that channel I found online, keyed up and nothing, dead silence.

Btw the work radios we have I think are Kenwood or Motorola, I don't remember for sure cause I normally don't carry one because I drive the truck and don't spend much time on the yard. The ones my dad has are like the little cheap ones you buy at walmart in the camping section.

Hallo everybody,

Here's Martijn from the netherlands

How to scan between 2 frequenties?
Between 151.100 and 151.800 for instance


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