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Expect Backorders With Chinese Radios

As you've probably heard, China is battling an outbreak of a coronavirus variant. In order to help contain the outbreak, the Chinese government has extended their Chinese New Year holiday. This will impact our Chinese two way radio and accessory suppliers, and will cause delays with shipments, which will lead to backorders.

We have already heard directly from two of our suppliers that shipment delays are expected, and that at this time there is not a date for when they expect to be back to work. Fortunately we did stock up on radios from most Chinese brands prior to the beginning of Chinese New Year, but we do expect our stock to dry up for many popular items before we are able to receive a new shipment.

This will most directly affect products from Chinese based manufacturers. It is unlikely to cause an issue for US based manufacturers that source products from China (Cobra and Midland, for example) unless the holiday extension becomes very lengthy.

While this will cause some short term pain for us and our customers, we do appreciate the aggressive steps that are being taken by China to prevent the spread of this virus and we hope that their efforts are successful.

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