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  • Midland GXT5000 - Discontinued

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    The Midland GXT5000 has been officially discontinued. This model was first available in April of 2011 and was the only "business quality" GMRS radio available by a major manufacturer. They sold rather well at first, but after just a few months of availability the factory (in Thailand) where they are manufactured was damaged by flooding and we were told to expect a considerable delay before more product would ship.

    Last year we were told that things were looking up and that we could expect the GXT5000 to return "within a month or two". Two months quickly became three, four and five, and today we learned that Midland is dropping this product from their catalog entirely. If we see another business grade GMRS radio from them it will have a different model number and likely differ from the GXT5000.

    Anyone that had a backorder with us for a GXT5000 will receive an email or a phone call soon asking if you would prefer we cancel the order or ship a different product. This is unfortunate news, but we do thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

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