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FRS and GMRS Frequencies

All of our consumer radios operate on either the GMRS or FRS channels, and most support both. We are sometimes asked for the exact frequencies of these channels. Below is a table showing the channel number, type of channel, and the frequency.

Channel Type Frequency
1 FRS / GMRS 462.5625
2 FRS / GMRS 462.5875
3 FRS / GMRS 462.6125
4 FRS / GMRS 462.6375
5 FRS / GMRS 462.6625
6 FRS / GMRS 462.6875
7 FRS / GMRS 462.7125
8 FRS 467.5625
9 FRS 467.5875
10 FRS 467.6125
11 FRS 467.6375
12 FRS 467.6625
13 FRS 467.6875
14 FRS 467.7125
15 GMRS 462.5500
16 GMRS 462.5750
17 GMRS 462.6000
18 GMRS 462.6250
19 GMRS 462.6500
20 GMRS 462.6750
21 GMRS 462.7000
22 GMRS 462.7250


Awesome Blog! I need a little help ... I'm looking to buy a Midland Two-Way Radio ... I'm between the 16 Mile range LXT420 and the 18 Mile Range GXT600. I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with ...

1. What is the difference between LXT and GXT?

2. Are both of these about the same dimmension/weight?

3. Why does the GXT600 have a knob on the top (next to the antenna) and the LXT420 does not?

Thanks for your help,



The biggest difference between these models is the power output. The GXT600 is a 5 watt radio, the LXT420 is a 4 watt.

The GXT600 radios use AA batteries, and the LXT420's use smaller AAA's, so expect better battery life out of the GXT's.

Both radios are the same size, but the GXT600 is slightly heavier (due to heavier batteries).

As far as the knob, on the GXT600 is is used to turn the radio on/off and set the volume. You control these functions on the LXT420 through the buttons on the front of the unit.

Hope this helped!

Can you still transmit on GMRS channels without a license?

The radios will still work on GMRS channels without a licence, but it is not legal.

I have a quick question... I am trying to find the frequency for FRS channel 2 with the subcode 20 activated... is that possible? Also, if said frequency is able to be found, can it be programmed into any two-way radio? Thanks.

is a Ham Radio License ok for GMRS Radios

"I am trying to find the frequency for FRS channel 2 with the subcode 20 activated."

The frequency is the same regardless of the subcode used. It will be 462.5875Mhz.
Code the subcode into your other receivers if you wish them to remain silent until they here the subcode. Without the coding, they will still here your transmission, but will also here any others occuring on the same frequency.
(licensed Ham operator since 1988 or thereabouts :-)

Are family FRS/GMRS radio's UHF or VHF?

I recently bought a Midland FRS/GMRS system, and understand that the power is limited on the GMRS channels. If I apply for a GMRS license,can I get the unit to operate at the higher power? Any help appreciated. Marc

i got a brain stumbler for some one. i got a personal FM transceiver. its a radio shack brand. its on FRS frequencies. and im trying to make it work so i can talk from it to my cb/fm transceiver i have in my truck. i have a frequency counter on the one in my truck but when i turn it from AM to FM and turn on the 10 MHz thing and put it on channel 1 and the other transceiver on one it doesn't work...... i tryed turning the nob that says a b c d e f but i don't know what im doing lol.... please any one help.... thank you.

There is no way to use a CB to work with a FRS radio. The two work on completely different bands (CB is roughly 27Mhz, and FRS is roughly 462Mhz).

Are family FRS/GMRS radio's UHF or VHF?

They are UHF.

Can I get the unit to operate at the higher power?

Unlikely. I'm not familiar with this particular radio, but most have antennas that limit their capabilities, and antenna modification is illegal.

I have an older Uniden GMRS480 wth a removable antenna (SMA female connector.) Is it legal to add a longer antenna to the radio since it is part of the design fom the factory?


If the antenna is removable without taking apart the radio, then yes, you can use another one with it.

Blackbox two-way UHF radio: Attempting to set frequency to communicate with common Motorola GMRS/FRS radios. Once frequency is set, it only communicates on sub-channel 39. Is there a setting to allow communication of default sub-channel 0?

You need to turn the sub-channels off on the Blackbox, and you will also need to have the programming software. GIve us a call and we will be able help you with this.

"I am trying to find the frequency for FRS channel 2 with the subcode 20 activated."

The frequency is the same regardless of the subcode used. It will be 462.5875Mhz.
Code the subcode into your other receivers if you wish them to remain silent until they here the subcode. Without the coding, they will still here your transmission, but will also here any others occuring on the same frequency.
(licensed Ham operator since 1988 or thereabouts :-)""

This is not true at all. Yes the frequency remains the same but when you change the CTCSS frequency ONLY people on the same CTCSS frequency can transmit and receive communications with you. People on a different CTCSS frequency WILL NOT hear communications from other CTCSS frequencies. You can acquire the CTCSS Hz frequencies from the company who makes the radio. A cobra FRS/GMRS radio on CTCSS channel 20 transmits a 131.8 Hz code so only radios tuned to pick up that 131.8 Hz frequency would be able to receive the communication. Usually on most radios CTCSS channel 0 or 00 means you are not transmitting a CTCSS Hz frequency and people without CTCSS frequencies would be able to pick up the communications as long as they are on the same main channel as you.

A radio with the CTCSS codes turned off will receive ALL transmissions on that particular channel. The only thing that the CTCSS does is to limit what you hear...which is why you are supposed to check the frequency without CTCSS to prevent interfering with other transmissions. amatuer radio license authorizes operation on GMRS. You need a completely different license.

We have a problem when we run our radios on scan mode. They lock onto channel 2 & 6 & all we here is a squelch break about every second or 2. There is a airplane homing becon south of us about 5+ miles & I was wondering what the frequency of that was & if that might be the cause of this interference. It only happens in western noble county Indiana. Please advise...Thanks

You could be getting interference from several sources. Since you are using GRMS radios, I would try using the scan / channel delete function to filter out (remove) those channels.

Hello there,
I have a weird dilemma, I have 4X GTX 600 Midlands and I am trying to find my mates Motorola frequencies. They tell me they are on Channel 25 subcode or privacy channel 05.
Now every time I change my Midland frequencies to the same as theirs for some reason I can not listen to them on the field. Can anyone help me on this?

I was wondering if there is any type of CB or something similar that can be hooked into a car that can pick up frequencies from 462.5500 - 467.7125. I bought 4 hand held units that use those frequencies, but I want to be able to use a car mounted unit with them as well.

They have privacy codes enabled. This will help a bit:

First thing is to have them go to another channel, such as channel 15 and have them turn off all privacy codes. Then, make sure you also turn off your privacy codes and go to channel 15. You should be able to communicate then. You can then try turning back on the codes.

Refer to the manual for complete instructions on setting and using privacy codes.

Chris A,

We can program this: to work as a GMRS radio.

An amateur (HAM) radio license does not cover GMRS bands. A seperate license is required for use of GMRS.
On the plus side, anyone even remotely related to you can use the GMRS bands under your license.

Unless you live in canada, GMRS and FRS are free to use by all because americans f@#!ed up the frequency by spamming gmrs my job site uses Vertex Standard VX-231-ADOB-5 (Not sure of the specs on these) I was wondering if my Midland GXT 1050 vp4 could be programed to work with these?
any help on this would be great.

Job site is running CH 4 on the vertex

Chris, the Midland GXT1050 uses pre-programmed FRS/GMRS frequencies in the UHF band (462.5625 - 462.7250) and the Vertex Standard VX-231-AD0B-5 is a VHF radio using business frequencies (134-174 MHz). The Midland cannot be programmed to talk with the Vertex.

They are UHF. UHF is any frequency between 300Mgz and 3000Mhz. FRS falls within that at the 462- Mhz

what gmrs frequencies can be talked on with out a lic.

Operating in all GMRS-only frequencies requires a license. Shared FRS/GMRS frequencies do not require a license only if they are used as FRS frequencies in low power mode at 1/2 watt or less. If operating a radio on a shared FRS/GMRS frequency at more than 1/2 watt, a GMRS license is required.

For an in-depth discussion on GMRS licensing, listen to The Two Way Radio Show Episode 6 - GMRS Radio Licensing.

Most of the newer FRS/GMRS radios do NOT have removable antennas, but I need to utilize an external antenna for either in my cabin or on my motorcycle for improved distance when traveling long distances, especially through hilly / mountainous terrain.

Is there a current model (2013) you can recommend that has a removable antenna, or is there any alternative means of making this work?

Additionally, what kind of external antenna would work with FRS/GMRS radios? Would it be any UHF mobile or base antenna?

Thank you .....

These Radios are UHF band..

I believe its 420-470Mhz is UHF

I have 2 LXT500 midland. Is it possiple to connect with a midland CT210 ?

I responded your question posted in the Two Way Radio Forum in the thread Midland CT210 and Midland LXT 500.

Hi Randy, the Cobra MR-HH450 DUAL Combination Marine and GMRS Radio has a removeable antenna and can be connected to an external antenna that is tuned to frequencies in the 467 MHz range.

You can hear a review of the Cobra MR-HH450 DUAL in Episode #75 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

i have a uhf mobile radio that i found laying around and i just got an antenna from your web sight, i am using this radio to talk to my bubble wrap radios and i can talk to them just fine but the bubble wrap radios are not talking back to the mobile very well. it seems like the radio picks up the signal but wont transmit the actual voice. there is a "squelch/monitor" button i can push and it makes the mobile radio staticky but it will receive signal from the bubble wraps. but it is very loud and annoying until turned off. any idea what could be happening? im not that good with radios.

I have found the best way to use 2 way if get like a couple baoffeng raidos witch are basically police scaners but the ptt ability and program one of the channels for a 2 way frequency and if you program a repeater code as well your range goes up to around 100 miles or so you can get these raidos on ebay for 25 a raido

Hi Tim, if you are referring to the Baofeng UV-5R, or similar Baofeng models, they are not designed for use as police scanners and are not really the best choice for that function, as their scanning rate is too slow.

Also, these radios are not Part 95 type accepted for FRS, GMRS or MURS, and they do not meet operating requirements of FRS or MURS, so we do not recommend or endorse their use on those frequencies.

However, the UV-5R is Part 90 type accepted for use as a business radio and is repeater capable, as you said, so they can be used for business and commercial applications on the business radio service. They are also capable amateur radios.

Looking at buying 6 radios they have 8 channels will I need a different feq. for each channel If I am using all the channels

Hi Keith, the frequencies of FRS/GMRS radios are typically pre-assigned to the channels of the radios, one frequency per channel. These frequency to channel assignments are not standard and may change between makes and models of FRS/GMRS radios. For instance, the shared FRS/GMRS frequency 462.6375 may be assigned to channel 4 on one brand and a different channel number on another brand.

Nevertheless, consumer FRS/GMRS radios are generally pre-programmed at the factory by the manufacturer.

You can also try adjusting the squelch to avoid picking up noise from unwanted transmissions.

No it is not. You must apply and pay for a separate license

I have Motorola ms 350 r frs/gmrs radios. is there a way to reprogram a business freq for repeater of 460.725 rx and 465.725tx on this radio what kind of tone squelch system do they use?

The Motorola Talkabout MS350R is an FRS/GMRS radio and is pre-programmed to FRS and GMRS frequencies. It is not programmable to other frequencies.

The repeater frequencies are also pre-programmed into the radio and are specifically assigned to GMRS repeaters. The MS350R cannot be programmed for business repeater frequencies.

I recently picked up a pair of Motorola MS350R's and a pair of T600's. I have all 4 radios set to the same channel (5) and privacy code (2). The MSR350R's seem to work flawlessly, and while I have no issues transmitting with the T600's, recieving transmissions is buggy at best, either I only recieve the tail end of the transmission or nothing at all. Both T600's seem to have issues but one is so bad it's almost useless, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have an older Cobra Microtalk Frs-100 that has freq"A" which is = 467.5625. I also have a Motorla MS350. On that radio channel 8 is =467.5625. When I transmit on the 350 to the Cobra they can hear me but when they transmit on the Cobra to the 350 we can not hear that transmission. Why, and is there a way to pair the two? isn't there two freqs in a radio equation a trans freq and a rec freq? If so how can I find out the T/R freqs for both the radios? if so how to pair them.

I have a midland MXT-150 gmrs micro mobile that I use for a base .What kind of base antenna can I use for it and what kind of coax ?

My mistake its a MXT-105

There are several antennas available that should work with the MXT-105. Midland recommends RG174 coax and we carry two pre-made cables. For a list of compatible antennas and cables, check out our MXT 105 accessories.

not really, transmitting on these frequencies require a teck one ham radio licence according to the instructions in the radios I bought which I have currently

Did you found a solution on you problem - I have the same issue, and have not idea what to do

Bob, channel 8 is likely assigned with a privacy code on the MS350. Try clearing out the privacy code (aka interference eliminator code) and you should be able to hear the transmission from the Cobra.

For more information on privacy codes, watch Radio 101 - Privacy Code Issues on GMRS Radios.

So i have the Baofen Uv-82, now im new at this stuff but i have tried to research it online. I need tp connect to a specific channel example 19.2 for emergency needs. Would the frequency be just 19 GMRS 462.6500? Can anyone help with this?

Get a Amature radio license and use an amateur radio. You also may use a repeater for much greater distance communication

Try the app Wish, they have mobil radios in that freq.

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