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FRS and GMRS Frequencies

Updated February 2018 to include changes from FCC Part 95 reform.

All of our consumer radios operate on either the GMRS or FRS channels, and most support both. We are sometimes asked for the exact frequencies of these channels. Below is a table showing the channel number, type of channel, and the frequency.

FRS and GMRS Frequencies

Channel Type Frequency FRS
Power / Bandwidth
Power / Bandwidth
1 FRS/GMRS 462.5625 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
2 FRS/GMRS 462.5875 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
3 FRS/GMRS 462.6125 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
4 FRS/GMRS 462.6375 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
5 FRS/GMRS 462.6625 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
6 FRS/GMRS 462.6875 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
7 FRS/GMRS 462.7125 2W / 12.5kHz 5W / 25kHz*
8 FRS/GMRS 467.5625 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
9 FRS/GMRS 467.5875 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
10 FRS/GMRS 467.6125 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
11 FRS/GMRS 467.6375 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
12 FRS/GMRS 467.6625 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
13 FRS/GMRS 467.6875 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
14 FRS/GMRS 467.7125 0.5W / 12.5kHz 0.5W / 12.5kHz
15 FRS/GMRS 462.5500 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
16 FRS/GMRS 462.5750 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
17 FRS/GMRS 462.6000 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
18 FRS/GMRS 462.6250 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
19 FRS/GMRS 462.6500 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
20 FRS/GMRS 462.6750 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
21 FRS/GMRS 462.7000 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
22 FRS/GMRS 462.7250 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 25kHz*
RPT15 GMRS 467.5500 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT16 GMRS 467.5750 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT17 GMRS 467.6000 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT18 GMRS 467.6250 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT19 GMRS 467.6500 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT20 GMRS 467.6750 - 50W / 25kHz*
PRT21 GMRS 467.7000 - 50W / 25kHz*
RPT22 GMRS 467.7250 - 50W / 25kHz*

*Note: 20kHz Authorized Bandwidth.

FRS and GMRS Frequencies prior to 2017 Part 95 Reform

Channel Type Frequency
1 FRS / GMRS 462.5625
2 FRS / GMRS 462.5875
3 FRS / GMRS 462.6125
4 FRS / GMRS 462.6375
5 FRS / GMRS 462.6625
6 FRS / GMRS 462.6875
7 FRS / GMRS 462.7125
8 FRS 467.5625
9 FRS 467.5875
10 FRS 467.6125
11 FRS 467.6375
12 FRS 467.6625
13 FRS 467.6875
14 FRS 467.7125
15 GMRS 462.5500
16 GMRS 462.5750
17 GMRS 462.6000
18 GMRS 462.6250
19 GMRS 462.6500
20 GMRS 462.6750
21 GMRS 462.7000
22 GMRS 462.7250

*Channels 8-14 limited to 0.5 watts.

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76 thoughts on “FRS and GMRS Frequencies”

  • Buddy Bud

    You know damn well you can not use HAM radio as a business radio, that is a FCC violation.

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto July 26, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    I have a question.... I am extremely new to this gmrs world so forgive the ignorance..

    I know you need a license to transmit on gmrs channels. But I only bought this gmrs radio because I was looking to replace my FRS walkie talkies and while on eBay looking for new FRS walkie talkies I came across the gmrs radios and bought one. If I only transmit my gmrs radio on frequencies that are FRS channels do I still need a license? Nothing is different between me using an FRS and gmr's radio this way. Also say my FRS radio is on channel 19 for example with the little sub channel code thing at 39, does that mean that on my gmrs radio when I type in the frequency is the code no longer for 62.6500? Do those little sub channel codes make it so it's transmitting and receiving on a different frequency? And if so how do I find that out? Other than individually testing every single .001 increment?

    • Rick

      Hi Joshua, to answer your questions, we need to know what radio you are using and the country in which you are using it. You do need a GMRS license to operate a GMRS radio in the US, even on the FRS channels, as you would be operating it as a GMRS radio. What makes it a GMRS radio is the wattage. An FRS radio operates at 2 watts or less. Once it operates above 2 watts, it's a GMRS radio. Of course, it also needs to be Part 95 type accepted for GMRS to be legal in the US. If you purchased this radio off eBay or an Internet site based off-shore, the risk is high that it may not be a legit, FCC approved GMRS radio. In the US, it is best to purchase from a reputable GMRS radio dealer such as Buy Two Way Radios to be sure what you are purchasing is lawful for use on GMRS.

  • Harlan Cobert
    Harlan Cobert June 30, 2018 at 5:28 am

    Error in the chart above.

    Channel 8 is NOT 467.5625 but is actually 467.5675.

    See CFR §95.1763 GMRS channels.

    The GMRS is allotted 30 channels—16 main channels and 14 interstitial channels. GMRS stations may transmit on any of the channels as indicated below.

    (a) 462 MHz main channels. Only mobile, hand-held portable, repeater, base and fixed stations may transmit on these 8 channels. The channel center frequencies are: 462.5500, 462.5750, 462.6000, 462.6250, 462.6500, 462.6750, 462.7000, and 462.7250 MHz.

    (b) 462 MHz interstitial channels. Only mobile, hand-held portable and base stations may transmit on these 7 channels. The channel center frequencies are: 462.5625, 462.5875, 462.6125, 462.6375, 462.6625, 462.6875, and 462.7125 MHz.

    (c) 467 MHz main channels. Only mobile, hand-held portable, control and fixed stations may transmit on these 8 channels. Mobile, hand-held portable and control stations may transmit on these channels only when communicating through a repeater station or making brief test transmissions in accordance with §95.319(c). The channel center frequencies are: 467.5500, 467.5750, 467.6000, 467.6250, 467.6500, 467.6750, 467.7000, and 467.7250 MHz.

    (d) 467 MHz interstitial channels. Only hand-held portable units may transmit on these 7 channels. The channel center frequencies are: 467.5675, 467.5875, 467.6125, 467.6375, 467.6625, 467.6875, and 467.7125 MHz.

    • Darmin Quagver

      It seems the FCC made an error on their website, explained here:


    • Engineer dude

      Harlan, Channel 8 is indeed 467.5625.

      All FRS radios that I have transmit and receive on this frequency, not 467.5675.

  • sparky

    where can i find all the current and up to date current used frequency list
    thanks i n advanve

  • Mel WQUU209

    So I read §95.1773 and I see your asterisk above indicating that GMRS bandwidth is now 20 khz. Yet I see charts everywhere (including one above) and most (all?) radios that specify 25 kHz. Can anyone explain?

  • Rick

    Steve, please clarify where there is any misinformation regarding GMRS on our blog. We strive to provide accurate information, so if you have found anything inconsistent, please let us know.

    The information you posted from the eCFR web site is correct, and to our knowledge, the articles on our blog are not in conflict with rules published by the FCC.

  • steve

    Although there is a lot of good information in this blog there is also a lot of misinformation. I took the following directly from the eCFR web site. If I am missing something please site a reference to it.

    Based on the current FCC Title 47 part 95 subsection E 95.1705: A valid individual license is required to operate a GMRS station. To obtain an individual license, an applicant must be eligible and follow the applicable rules and procedures set forth in this subpart and in part 1 of this chapter, and must pay the required application and regulatory fees as set forth in part 1, subpart G of this chapter.

    A GMRS license is good for 10 years.

  • Rick

    Hi Pat, there is no license that covers operation across multiple radio services in the US, such as ham, marine and GMRS. Each service has its own set of rules and licensing requirements. In addition, the radios must be type accepted to operate within the service it is designed for, with the exception of amateur (ham) radios, which by their very nature of being devices for the hobby, do not require any FCC type acceptance for use on those bands.

    The FTR2DR would need to be FCC Part 95 type accepted for use on the GMRS for legal use on those channels. Likewise, it would need to be Part 80 type accepted for use on marine frequencies. For more information, read our article Types of Two Way Radios or listen to the Two Way Radio Show Podcast TWRS-75 - Types of Two Way Radios.

  • Pat

    Hi, my question. I am a recent new ham. I purchased a Yaesu ft2dr.
    My son is getting a marine vhf handheld for kayak fishing, also we have two Motorola uhf hand held for backpacking. Now, I know these are on channels that are not under ham operating parameters. Is there a license or several license that can be attained to package all access by the Yaesu? Such as under the Mars mod. Would a GMRS added license or something else make it acceptable to put all contact into one radio or do I have to carry three radios?? Thanks!

  • Rick

    Tony, a GMRS license is required when using GMRS and FRS/GMRS shared frequencies above 2 watts.

  • as of June 2017 below 5 watts no license required

  • Rick

    As listed on the chart, the service you use on channels 1-7 depends on the wattage and bandwidth you use to transmit. Motorola Talkabout T-Series radios transmit below 2 watts, so you would be on the FRS. If you were using, say, a Midland GXT1000, which operates above 2 watts, you would be using the GMRS.

  • Bertie Enochs

    If I set channel #1-7 FRS/GMRS shared on Motorola T Series, how do I know if it is using FRS or GMRS ?

  • Chris prior

    Does anybody know the Frequencies for a TYT radio for Guernsey Channel Islands If so can you email me Thanks I musing on my radio 446.068

  • Joshw

    I have a baofeng uv 5r can i link that radio to a walki talkie that is sold at walmart if so what are the frequencies please email me i live in united states . in the subject line please put frequencies

  • Rick

    Hi Jason, The GD-55 is a digital DMR radio and is not legal for use on the GMRS in the US. We do not carry this radio, but according to the reviews of this radio on eham.net, it is generally considered not up to par with the TYT MD-380 and MD-390, which we do carry, for ham or business use.
    If you plan to use the two way radio radios for security, GMRS may not be the way to go anyway for a number of reasons.
    If you give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 we will be happy to assist you in reaching a more viable solution for choosing radios and frequencies for security use.

  • Hello, I need some help. I am looking at picking up some radios for work purposes. I work in executive protection so I need a few radios to use amongst the agents at venues. With that said, I currently have a GMRS radio license and the radios I am gravitating to are the Radioddity GD-55 DMR. My questions are;
    1) Can I use two or more GD-55s without programming them (are they pre programmed to default freq)?
    2) Can I purchase the radios and program the GMRS frequencies into the radio?
    3) If the answers to both 1 & 2 are no, can anyone recommend a good alternative radio (other than the Walmart bubble pack radios)?
    Thanks for your help

  • Papo

    Try the app Wish, they have mobil radios in that freq.

  • Get a Amature radio license and use an amateur radio. You also may use a repeater for much greater distance communication

  • Joe

    So i have the Baofen Uv-82, now im new at this stuff but i have tried to research it online. I need tp connect to a specific channel example 19.2 for emergency needs. Would the frequency be just 19 GMRS 462.6500? Can anyone help with this?


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