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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • Rugged Business Radios That May Be Tougher Than You

    Are you looking for two way radios that are loaded with features such as a display screen, CTCSS/DCTS tone filtering, MDC signaling capabilities, 128 channels and 8 memory banks, and are mil spec and very tough. Then you might want to look at these two way Icom radios:

    The Icom IC-F3021S-41-DTC two way radio is a VHF radio that is 5 watts and meets IP54 dust and water resistance. The F3021S is mils pec tough, and comes with a large capacity 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack for an average of 15 hours of operational time. Ready for the demanding job site, we have them ready to ship for $256.99.

    The Icom IC-F4021S-41-RC two way radio is UHF, 4 watts, and also meets IP54 dust and water resistance. The F4021S is also mil spec and includes a large capacity 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack for an average of 15 hours of operational time. These radios are great for just about anyone, and we have them for $266.99.

    So, if you have been looking for some very durable radios, with a lot of features not to mention long battery life, you may have found what you need. Call us with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

  • How Can You Replace Midland GXT720VP3? With a Better Radio, the Midland GXT740VP3!

    We now have the replacement for the near venerable Midland GXT720VP3 here at Buy Two Way Radios. We like the 720, a lot, and will miss it. There was a going away party and everything! But times change, and the new Midland GXT740VP3 Two Way Radio is a nice upgrade.

    The Midland GXT740VP3 keeps the all of the things we liked about the GXT720, but adds some minor refinements such as a new display, and a few more channels. While it claims to have more range, who cares! It is a 5 watt radio, that is reliable and loaded with features for a very nice price.

    The Midland GXT740VP3 value pack includes two Midland GXT740 radios, two NiMH rechargeable batteries, a desktop charger, and two belt clips. We have them here, ready to ship out for $59.99.

    Do you have stories you would like to share about the GXT720? Give us a call, or leave a comment. I was never good at goodbyes. Sorry, I am a bit choked up. Sniff.

  • The FCC Wants To Know What You Think, Just Not Yet

    Things recently have been are all exciting over at the FCC. Now that they have some new people in charge, they want to improve how the agency works. According to this article, the FCC is implementing a new website that will be used for receiving feedback. For now it is internal, but they want to make it available to everyone. So what are you going to tell the FCC if given the chance? Will they even care, or is this just some hand waving distraction?

  • The Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio is Wearing Camouflage, The Midland LXT480VP3 is Wearing Nothing!

    We now have the Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio in stock and ready to ship out. The GXT1000 has 5 watts of power, 50 Channels (22 Standard, 28 Extra), NOAA weather alerts and more! the GXT-1050 also has "Mossy Oak" camouflage and 5 animal call alerts. This Midland GXT-1050-VP4 value pack includes two Midland headsets with boom microphones, a two pocket desktop charger, two rechargeable batteries, two belt clips, and both home and vehicle charging adapters! Get it now for $79.99.

    Next up, the Midland LXT560VP3 Two Way Radio has 36 Channels (22 Standard, 14 Extra), NOAA weather channels, and high and low power modes. The LXT560VP3 value pack includes two Midland LXT-560 two way radios, two belt clips, a two pocket desktop charger, and rechargeable batteries for each radio. Get them for $44.99.

  • Stop Lying About Range!

    Ok, many of you by now have noticed that then new Midland radios are saying they have a 36 mile range. That leads many to believe that you can give one to a friend, jump in your car, drive straight down the road across a large city for one hour, stop, and still be able to talk with them.

    We all know that two way radios are typically only usable for 1-2 miles without using a repeater. Then, you might get 20 miles or more. So why are many of the manufacturers such as Midland, Cobra, Garmin, Uniden and Motorola telling people they will work for 10, 15, 20, 36 miles? Look on the box, in giant print, they say something like 36 MILE RANGE! If they could put blinking lights around it they would.

    They are misleading you.

    They place (often in small print or with a misleading diagram) on the box something about "maximum range achieved only under certain conditions". Those conditions involve being at the top of a mile high dormant volcano in the middle of the ocean, and sending a burst of static to a person on a deserted bare island 30 miles away. I know we have a lot of customers who need radios for just that situation! In equally small print, something is stated that in most cases the radio only has about one mile of usable range.

    So they want to deceive you about the range, and they are creating a false or misleading impression as to the capability of the radio. Then we get stuck having to put that in the description of the radio, and then explaining to customers the truth. Thanks. The only manufacturer that is honest about range it would seem is Trisquare.

    The sad thing is, they make perfectly good radios for the money. They have no need to do this. If you buy a set of FRS/GRMS radios from Midland, Cobra, Garmin, Uniden or Motorola, they will give you years of affordable and reliable use. They only work for about one mile, but they will do so consistently.

    If they think they have to do this to compete with each other, all they are doing is making themselves look like idiots. How many repeat customers have they lost from this? The best kind of advertising is word of mouth, way to ruin that guys! You would rather insult your customers just to try and stand out on a store shelf.

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  • The Midland GXT1000VP4 Radios Are Here!

    We now have the Midland GXT1000VP4 two way radios in stock and shipping. For those that preordered one, you will have it very soon. If you have been looking for a good all-purpose GMRS radio, with 5 watts, chargers, and headsets for $69.99 we have a radio you may like! If you have any questions, just give us a call.

  • The Kenwood TK3230 Has Been Updated!

    We have been getting an interesting type of question about two way radios lately and I thought I would do a quick post here about it. People have been calling looking for a radio with 4 channels, and 1 watt of power for their businesses. They are a bit surprised that Kenwood now has a very affordable radio that is even better than the ones they were thinking about!

    The Kenwood TK3230 two way radio has just been updated and now has 6 channels. The TK3230 has 1.5 watts of power, a two year warranty, and is mil spec, with an 18 hour battery life. It also still uses the same compact case that many of you like so much. We have them in stock for $159.99 each!

    If you have been looking for a radio that is compact but still is tough, powerful, with 6 channels, and a great warranty, you should give the Kenwood TK3230 a look. As always, call us with any questions you may have.

  • Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

    It seems we just remembered Guglielmo Marconi, and now it is the birthday of Nikola Tesla. Telsa's research into sending messages wirelessly helped to create modern communications. Inventor and all around interesting fellow, Tesla made the world a lot more fun.

  • The New Motorola TALKABOUT MR355R Two Way Radios Are Here!

    The Motorola TALKABOUT MR355R radios are now in stock and ready to ship out. A lot of you have been waiting on these to arrive, so order them now before we run out.

    The Motorola MR355R is compatible with all FRS/GMRS radios. It supports 22 channels and 121 privacy codes per channel and claims up to 35 miles of range (up to 2 miles in most conditions). Support for NOAA weather channels and iVOX hands-free use are also included. The MR355R also will work with repeaters (sold separately) to greatly increase range. They can also be recharged using a USB cable, and it even has an LED flashlight.

    The MR355R radios may be of interest to all the CERT members out there. Affordable, and repeater ready, they may be the radio you have been looking for.

    Before you buy a set though, be aware that you should have an FCC license before broadcasting on the GMRS channels, and if you want to use someone's repeater you must have their permission. That one was for the guys on the forums. Hey all! So be considerate of others when you use these.

  • Getting the Police, Fire, and Rescue All Together with Radios

    There are a lot of changes going on out there in the world of wireless communications. Some things we wonder about, some we make fun of, and some we think are great. Many people do not realize that emergency responders often can not even communicate with one another. They tend to use "closed" networks and incompatible equipment. They knew this was not an ideal situation, but until recently it was a daunting challenge to even attempt to correct.

    With the introduction of digital communication equipment though, it is a bit easier. Now part of this is because if people are going to buy new equipment, you can set some standards that everyone can use. In a prudent move, it was also decided that communications equipment should also be able to be more flexible and work with a large number of frequencies. The new radios are currently referred to as Multi-band Radios (MBR).

    I plan to do some more post soon about digital radio communications. It may be a while before we are all using digital radios, but for now I am glad to see that new technology is being so quickly adopted by emergency responder agencies. We are all going to benefit from police, fire and rescue departments being able to work together more effectively.

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