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Monthly Archives: January 2010

  • Looking for a MURS Compatible Radio?

    We have a new radio that some of you might be interested in. Our Motorola RDX RDV2020 (MURS Edition) two way radio operates on VHF MURS frequencies used by many VHF radios, including MURS, Kenwood TK-2200, and Motorola XTN XV1100, XTN XV2100, and XTN VX2600 series radios. This means it does not require a license as long as you use MURS frequencies! The RDV-2020 MURS edition radio comes with 27 (including all five MURS) of the most common VHF frequencies already programmed.

    The Motorola RDV2020 MURS edition has 2 watts of power, 2 channels, and comes with a lithium-ion battery. The RDV2020 is a though, and reliable commercial grade radio. The fact that it also uses MURS frequencies makes this the perfect choice for those looking for a VHF radio that does not require a license to operate. We have it set to the two most common MURS frequencies (154.570, and 154.600), but they are very easy to change.

    Update: Read about the best MURS radios of 2020!

    MURS compatible radios are getting rather hard to find, so we are very excited about this model. It is ready to go, right out of the box. If you have any questions, then send us an email or call us!

  • Orders for Radios for Organizations and Individuals in Haiti

    We would like to ask that any orders being placed for communication equipment that is to be sent to help with relief efforts in Haiti to be placed by phone if possible (1-800-584-1445 ). That way we can ensure that your order will be expedited in processing and shipping. We are also offering discounts on priority shipping for aid efforts.

    Two way radios are essential to efforts underway in Haiti. Cell phone coverage is currently irregular and unpredictable. We are pleased to note that many radio manufacturers such as Motorola have responded. If you would like to provide assistance in buying or donating radios we ask that you contact the American Red Cross.

    Again, please call us so we can work with you directly in order to have the radios you need shipped as fast as possible. If you place an order on our website, please make a comment that is for Haiti relief efforts. For donations, and other aid please contact the American Red Cross.

  • Midland's 2010 FRS/GMRS Radio Lineup (Updated!)

    Updated 4/1!

    Buy Two Way Radios is pleased to announce the 2010 lineup of Midland two way radios. This year, Midland has made some minor refinements to previous models. We don't have all the details yet, but we decided to go ahead and post what we do know for now. We will continue to make updates here at our two way radio blog as we get more details and prices.

    Channels and Privacy Codes
    In 2008 Midland added extra "channels". While we were skeptical originally about what these channels were, the added privacy, or more accurately filtering, feature was an interesting addition. In 2009 some models then had up to 8 more privacy channels (for a total of 28 privacy channels). They also upped the number of privacy codes on some models (all of the way up to 387 privacy codes on the GXT1000). This year though it appears that the number of channels and privacy codes stay unchanged.

    Not a Surprise
    Readers of this site know that for years now there has been a steady increase in the claimed effective communication range of radios being made by many of the manufacturers. While the stated maximum range is technically accurate, we were very impressed last year by Midland's decision of keeping the advertised range unchanged. Well, this year they added two more miles to the claimed range on most models. Regular readers of this blog know how we feel about that.

    Not Many Changes to How They Look
    The backlit LCD screen for all of the radios is now the hunter orange color introduced last year. The GXT760 and LXT385 have new faceplates, but otherwise there are very few cosmetic changes.

    New Model Specifics
    Here is a look at the highlights of each new GMRS model. The new models should available in May/June (subject to change). Pricing information is not yet finalized. Of note, the popular GXT1000 and GXT1050 models stay unchanged this year.

    GXT795VP4 - Camouflage, "42" Channels, 142 Privacy Codes, 10 Call Alerts, Weather Scan, NOAA Channels/Alerts, Vibrate Alert, VOX, 5 Animal Calls.
    GXT760VP4 - "42" Channels, 142 Privacy Codes, 10 Call Alerts, Weather Scan, NOAA Channels/Alerts, Vibrate Alert, VOX - NOW IN STOCK! $59.99!
    LXT490VP3 - "36" Channels, 121 Privacy Codes, 5 Call Alerts, NOAA Channels/Alerts, VOX
    LXT385VP3 - Camouflage Faceplate Section, "22" Channels Hi/Lo Power Settings - NOW IN STOCK! $39.99!
    LXT380VP3 - "22" Channels, Hi/Lo Power Settings - NOW IN STOCK! $29.99!
    LXT114VP2 - "22" Channles - NOW IN STOCK! $29.99!
    LXT114 - "22" Channels - NOW IN STOCK! $19.99!

  • Motorola RPU2160 Portable Repeater

    The single piece of equipment that can truly improve the range of two way radios is a repeater. The problem is they are often a bit pricey, hard to setup, difficult to install. Well, they can be troublesome some of the time.

    Motorola is looking to fix that. Their new RPU2160 portable repeater is compact for a repeater at 4.7H x 7.4W x 2.0D. It only weighs a little over two pounds, and is designed to be placed just about anywhere. It even includes an antenna. They are 2 watts, have 16 channels, and will work with any 450-455 MHz or 465-470 MHz repeater capable radios.

    When setting up a repeater, finding a location to place it and also an antenna can be difficult. The RPU2160 is portable, so you can easily move it around until you find the best spot. That way once you identify areas where your radios have a weak signal, you can quickly place the repeater there. It is capable of running off of batteries for up to 16 hours, and can also be plugged in using an AC adapter/power supply.

    They are designed primarily for restaurants and retail businesses that need a flexible and price conscious solution to improving the range and clarity of their radios. At 2 watts, they are low powered for a repeater and less range than larger models, but they are perfect for retail shops, boutiques, and small offices. Their size and portability also makes them ideal for event staff, schools, gyms, health clubs and other organizations.

  • Motorola CLP Radios, Changing How You Will Look At and Use Two Way Radios

    UPDATED (3/31/10): The Motorola RPU2160 Portable Repeater is here!

    UPDATED (6/22/10): Now in Stock!

    Now and then here at Buy Two Way Radios we find out about a new radio that is truly innovative. The new Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola CLP1040 two way radios may lead to a rethinking about how radios look and function.

    The CLP 1010 and CLP 1040 are designed for restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses. They are 1 watt radios and have 1 and 4 channels respectively. They are designed to be stylish, and easy to use.

    Motorola CLP Two Way Radio
    They are also rather small. The CLP series uses a compact (3.5 x 2.0 x 0.75 inches) and light (2.38 ounces with battery) design. So, how do they get a business radio that small? They changed around some things, and just made the rest more compact. They have removed the speaker, you will have to use a headset and one comes with each radio standard. They also have an internal antenna and very few exterior buttons. Instead there are just a few side buttons, with many functions using voice driven menus. There is an LED ring indicator around the top logo will glow to indicate the current channel, transmitting and receiving, scan, and battery level. Also gone is the traditional side PTT switch. There is just a single large PTT button.

    Oh, and they are also repeater capable. They are specifically designed to work with the new Motorola RPU2160 Portable Repeater. Combined together, the radios and repeaters create a very affordable option. The radios are very easy to use, and the repeaters are simple to setup. This means you can easily transport an entire communication system.

    With a very nontraditional look and approach, the CLP radios will be great for businesses that want their staff to carry around something besides traditional walkie talkies. If you want your staff to look as high tech and knowledgeable as the products they sell and company they work for, then you want to give these radio a serious look.

    If you want to learn more about these radios, or have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-584-1445.

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