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Business Two Way Radio Audio Samples

Hear the difference between our two way radios for yourself! Below are audio samples from many of the radio models that we carry. This page will be continually updated with the latest models.

Click the image of the radio to enlarge.

Make Model Type Audio Sample
BlackBox VHF VHF

BlackBox UHF UHF

Icom IC-F3001 VHF

Icom IC-F4001 UHF

Icom IC-F3011 VHF

Icom IC-F4011 UHF

Icom IC-F3021S VHF

Icom IC-F4021S UHF

Icom IC-F14 VHF

Icom IC-F24 UHF

Icom IC-F50V VHF

Icom IC-F60V UHF

Icom IC-F60 UHF

Kenwood TK-2300-V4P VHF

Kenwood TK-2300-V16P VHF

Kenwood TK-3300-U4P UHF

Kenwood TK-3300-U16P UHF

Kenwood TK-3302-U16P UHF

Kenwood TK-3230 UHF

Motorola CLS1110 UHF

Motorola CLS1410 UHF

Motorola RDU2020 UHF

Motorola RDU2080d UHF

Motorola RDU4100 UHF

Motorola RDU4160d UHF

Motorola RDV2020 VHF

Motorola RDV2080d VHF

Motorola RDV5100 VHF

Motorola RDM2020 VHF/MURS

Motorola RDM2080d VHF/MURS

Motorola DTR410 900MHz

Motorola DTR550 900MHz

Olympia P324 UHF

Olympia P324R UHF

Vertex VX-231-AG7B UHF

Vertex VX-231-AD0B VHF

Vertex VX-351-AG7B UHF

Vertex VX-351-AD0B VHF

Vertex VX-354-AG7B UHF

Vertex VX-354-AD0B VHF

Vertex VX-451-G7 UHF

Vertex VX-451 VHF VHF

Vertex VX-459-G7 UHF

Vertex VX-459 VHF VHF

Vertex VXD-720-UHF UHF

Vertex VXD-720-VHF VHF

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