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The NEW Midland GXT5000 GMRS Radio is Available Now - and We Have It!

GXT5000-Pack.jpgEarlier this year we told you about a cool new GMRS radio from Midland that was due out this summer - The Midland GXT5000 Pro Series GMRS Two Way Radio - and gave you a sneak peek at the coming attraction on our blog. Today we are excited to announce that The NEW Midland GXT5000
has arrived - and Buy Two Way Radios is one of the first retailers to offer this unique GMRS experience!

The GXT5000 Pro Series Rugged Professional GMRS Two Way Radio is a professional quality radio for FRS/GMRS users, designed to communicate with other standard consumer radios using FRS and GMRS frequencies, but with the added durability of a commercial grade radio.

According to the FCC report, the Midland GXT5000 has 4 watts of power. Because of the fixed antenna (a requirement for radios supporting the FRS frequencies), it is equal to or surpasses the range of current consumer models.

The Midland GXT-5000 has plenty of standard features. The new radio supports 22 standard FRS/GMRS channels and 121 privacy codes. It features selectable high/low power modes, dual channel watch, channel scan, silent operation, five selectable call alerts, a time out timer and an out-of-range alert.

However, for all the bells and whistles, it's not the feature set that makes the GXT5000 unique. It's what Midland built around them.

This radio is designed for serious GMRS enthusiasts who use their radios in more rugged conditions than the occasional camping trip or day out about the town. If you find yourself in scenarios where your radio be may be exposed to elements such as rain, dust or some physical abuse, the Midland GXT5000 may be the radio for you.

The GXT5000 has an aluminum cast frame, is waterproof, shock and dust proof to IP67 standards, and meets MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F specifications. It also includes a long life lithium-ion battery and features an impressive 5 year warranty! But if that isn't durable enough for you, get this. The GXT-5000 is also submersible, an attribute commonly associated with marine radios, but not so common for its standard consumer cousin.

In addition, Midland took the radio, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, swivel belt clip, desktop charger, AC wall adapter and owner's manual and bundled it all up nicely in a zippered storage/travel case that was designed specifically for this radio and its included accessories, giving the whole package a neat, sharp, professional look. The case alone is quite impressive.

The GXT5000 Pro Series Rugged Professional GMRS Two Way Radio is new, is here, and is available now from Buy Two Way Radios!

3 thoughts on “The NEW Midland GXT5000 GMRS Radio is Available Now - and We Have It!”

  • Eric Vought

    Get an Amateur license.
    Got one. The problem is you cannot use an amateur radio for anything related to business. That means I cannot use 70cm H/Ts around the farm, farmers' market, events, etc., and there is a limit to how many different classes of radios I can buy and routinely carry. For farm-related needs, Midland handsets (we currently use GXT-1000s) and a GMRS license cover the need very well and then I can carry them for anything else as well, from keeping track of each other at the mall to field use for disaster response (we use GMRS for team-tactical coordination and 2m HAM/ARES for inter-group coordination).
    The GXT-1000s are among the best consumer radios we have tried for surviving the rigors of the farm. I am looking forward to playing with the 5000.
    And, yes, I share the annoyance of the first poster for people who don't bother to license.
    WQKC565 KD0RSP

  • Get an Amateur license. It is a cheaper license and you get a whole spectrum of frequencies, equipment, the WIN System, IRLP, satellites and a bunch of very helpful and respectful people. I have heard stories of HAM operators on boats having difficulties, and a handful of strangers show up out of nowhere on a foreign island to help, bring food, parts, etc..
    I do have both a GMRS and an Amateur license though.

  • Ron Huff

    why should I have a GMRS fcc lic. when Tom, Dick, and Harry there cousins ,brothers and sisters don't have one and use my paid for channel sort of like CB.


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