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TriSquare is going out of business

We just received word that TriSquare is going out of business and its products will no longer be available. The entire TriSquare TSX Series has been discontinued.

We know a lot of our customers are fans of TriSquare radios. It's no big secret why. First, the TSX Series radios use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, allowing operators to choose from up to ten billion channels for greater privacy and more secure communications than typical business or consumer two way radios. Second, the radios often include advanced functionality typically found on cell phones, such as direct call, text messaging, contact lists and great displays.

Most importantly, TriSquare radios can be used by anyone or any business without a license, unlike GMRS. They operate in the 900 Mhz range, so no FCC license is required, yet coverage and performance is roughly equivalent to a conventional GMRS two way radio.

However, there is one caveat to TriSquare TSX Series radios - these models only communicate with each other and are not compatible with other makes and models of two way radios. This is important to consider when buying TriSquare radios, especially now.

We have sold out our last inventory of radios and TriSquare accessories at Buy Two Way Radios. Since these models are no longer manufactured, they will not be restocked. If you are shopping around for radios and considered purchasing TriSquare, we recommend that you choose among our other business or consumer two way radios instead.

For those who are die-hard fans of TriSquare (and there are quite a few out there), your long term options are to either continue using the TSX Radios available to you or replace them with conventional radios. if you do decide to stay with the TriSquare radios, The TSX100, TSX100-2VP, TSX100R-2VP, TSX300-2VP, and TSX300R-2VP are no longer available. All Accessories such as the TriSquare Replacement Battery (TSX-BP) and the TriSquare TSX10A Accessory Pack are now sold out.

If you recently purchased TriSquare radios from us and are concerned about warranty and support issues, not to worry. TriSquare informed us that your warranty is valid and they will continue product warranty and support for the radios "for as long as needed". If a warranty or support issue arises, the company recommends customers contact the service or sales email addresses on their web site for assistance or call Buy Two Way Radios at 1-800-584-1445.

13 thoughts on “TriSquare is going out of business”

  • Dwight L. Clark

    It seems that TriSquare communications is the only company that came out with the channel hopping 900 MHZ-10 billion channel radio, when the others didn't. Now, if the other comquarepanies would only come out with a radio, with the same features as Trisquare did, I might be interested, BUT, the text msg feature is built into their radios, meaning their radios are just like cell phones, that have a key pad on the face of the radio to text with(Not to use as a cell phone).

    • Rick

      Motorola has radios that use the same FHSS technology, the Motorola DLR1020, DLR1060, DTR600 and DTR700 radios. These are all good radios with great coverage. The reason FHSS isn't used more is three-fold. First, the FCC limits 900MHz radios to 1 watt, so they are not practical for applications that require higher wattage radios. Second, they are not repeater capable, which also limits their coverage. Third, the FHSS algorithms a unique and proprietary to each series and manufacturer. This is both an advantage and a disadvantege. While it means the radios offer greater security due to difficulty in eavesdropping on the transmission, it also means the radios can only communicate with other FHSS radios using the same algorithm. Unlike radios on most other radio services, one brand of FHSS radio is not compatible with another brand. You would need to buy all of the same make and model of radio. For these reasons, 900MHz radios using FHSS technology are a niche product.

  • Rick

    Hi Oliviera, Since TriSquare went out of business a couple of years ago, the radios, accessories and replacement parts will be difficult to find. However, there is an alternative you can use to replace the belt clips. You can holster the radios instead.
    The XLT Universal Two Way Radio Carrying Case (CS100G) will fit most consumer two way radios, including TriSquare. Hook and loop fasteners keep your radio stable with a quick and easy release.The case has a nylon belt loop and includes an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.
    It isn't a belt clip, but it's a good alternative that is more secure and can offer some protection for your radios.

  • Oliveira

    I'm looking for trisquare radio belt clips. I need two units because mine are broken. Any tips please email me at [email protected]

  • Rick

    It was not implied that the technology was proprietary. The TriSquare radios will not talk to other brands of radios using other radio services such as FRS, GMRS, MURS or business radios. They will generally not be able to communicate with other 900MHz radios using FHSS because the algorithms used for the sequences of frequency hopping will likely be different.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson March 8, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    Their radios do not use proprietary technology. Spread spectrum FM is not something that nobody else can use, so I expect that someone will start making the same basic radio except it will be more reliable. I do wish that TriSquare had done a better job so the radio would be more reliable. It seems that the receiver had difficulties syncing with the signal that it was supposed to receive.

  • Mike Shepherd
    Mike Shepherd July 15, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Rick, Thanks for the reply. I will look at those radios you mentioned. I just have to make sure they will be legal for use in Canada. If I have to license them, fine, and where I live, getting my own frequency for my business use should be fairly easy, especially in the UHF region.
    My only question, would these radios work with a repeater if I need to go that route? I do find with my TriSquares in one venue I operate in that in certain spots the signals are interfered with slightly by electrical systems that are nearby. Not to mention a wall and 40 or 50 feet open space as well. You would think those radios would be impervious to interference, since they frequency hop, but I do get some.

  • Rick

    Mike, you may want to consider the Motorola MD200 or MH230 as a possible replacement for the TriSquare radios. Both offer equivalent range and both are fully compatible with the XLT HS150-MT headset. They also come in three packs, the MD200TPR and MH230TPR, which may be more economical when you are using multiple radios.
    I don't know why TriSquare did not post an announcement on their web site, but apparently it has not been updated since 2011, so it may no longer be under active management or development.

  • Mike

    I just stumbled across this announcement here as I am looking to "replace" my 4 TriSquare radios with something else for use as theater communications radios. I have the TriSquare website bookmarked, and nowhere on that site is there any indication the company was going out of business. This I find odd, since most companies would announce on their own sites (usually first) that they are ceasing operations.
    The only issue I have with my radios is the headsets I currently use with them: XLT HS150-MT Lightweight Headset. I purchased 5 of these sets for use (4 to use, 1 spare) from this site. While the headsets work quite well, I have found you cannot push the plug fully into the radio (last click) as this will cause the radio to go into transmit mode, locking up the system until the offending radio is dealt with. If you don't push the plug in fully (leave a small gap) then everything works fine. Problem with this is some of the crew don't pay attention and bang the radios against stuff (it's hectic backstage!) and the plug gets bashed in fully, and now all communications are dead until the offending radio is located. That is unacceptable, so will use the radios/headsets as backup.

  • Albert

    Hi Richard, my name is Albert, I was curious if you would like to sell your TSX300 radios?

  • Rick

    Hi Richard, we have not had these radios in stock for awhile. We were unable to locate an order based on the e-mail address you provided in your comment. We would need the original invoice number to locate the order. If they were purchased from us within the return period, please refer to our returns policy for details.

  • Richard H. McCullough
    Richard H. McCullough December 17, 2012 at 3:33 am

    I have 4 model tsx300 radios and these are my problems with them. Their range is not that great and i'd used them in CO. WV.and PA. We couldn't get them to work with other radios and we had problems with the texting also. I would like to return the radios,chargers,and ear pieces,so i can purchase something more compatible with the other guys radios. Thank you.

  • Richard h. McCullough
    Richard h. McCullough December 15, 2012 at 3:56 am

    Just to let you know the four radios i purchased do not work like they say they should.So i just want to make sure that i send them back to the right place.I also would like my money back and not four more radios.The radios did not transmit nor did they text properly when i was hunting in CO. WV.and PA. Also we couldn't get them to work with basic radios.


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