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Radio 101 - How to reset a Motorola CLS Series two way radio

There may be a situation in which you need to reset your Motorola CLS1110 or CLS1410 two way radio back to its original factory configuration. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios will show you how to do it in one simple step.

4 thoughts on “Radio 101 - How to reset a Motorola CLS Series two way radio”

  • Rick

    No. The CLS1110 operates on different frequencies and a different radio service than the Cobra consumer radios.

  • Byron

    Is it possible to program my cls1110 to work with my friends cobra cxt395

  • Rick

    Hi Nancy, the F8 error indicates a problem with the radio. You will need to perform a reset. To do so, turn off the radio, hold down the PTT and monitor buttons and while holding them down, turn the radio on. This may resolve the issue.
    If you perform the reset and the radio still displays the F8 code, the circuit board in the radio may be defective. If it is still within the warranty period, you may need to contact Motorola.

  • Nancy Haynes

    We have default code on one of our radios of "F 8". What does this mean and how do we resolve the issue.
    Thank you

  • Thanks Anthony! I work at Michaels and somehow the thing started making this crazy noise every time it turned on. Everybody could hear it through the headsets. Reset did the trick.

  • Antonio

    How do you unlock a Motorola walkie talkie ?


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