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Motorola to discontinue the CP200

Motorola Solutions recently announced its intent to cancel VHF and UHF versions of some popular analog business radios. The models to be discontinued are the Motorola CP200, CP200XLS and PR400 portables. Motorola also discontinued the CM200, CM300 and PM400 mobile radios. The last day to order these models was November 22, 2014, and the last ship date is December 22, 2014.

The CP200 was Motorola's most popular business radio, which may leave many businesses that use them wondering what to do. If you are one of the many CP200 users suddenly facing the demise of your favorite radio, don't despair. There are other models that will fill the void and maintain compatibility with your existing CP200 fleet.

The Motorola RDU4160d is a great replacement for the UHF version of the CP200. Like its counterpart, the 4160d operates on 4 watts and meets Mil-STD standards for durability. Battery life is comparable as well, and it is even lighter than the CP200, weighing in at under 11 ounces with the battery pack.

For businesses on VHF frequencies, the Motorola RDV5100 is a way to go. It meets the VHF version of the CP200 with 5 watts of power, Mil-STD C, D, E, and F standards and boasts a similar battery life to the RDU4160d.

In addition, both the UHF RDU4160d and the VHF RDV5100 are compatible with the same Motorola audio accessories used for the CP200 radios. This makes things even better, since it won't require a complete overhaul of radio accessories to accommodate new radios to replace the old ones as time goes on.

Of course, there are other alternatives, as well. One notable model from Vertex Standard is the VX-231. It is available in both UHF and VHF versions with wattage, durability, battery life and weight comparable to the Motorola CP200, RDU4160d and RDV5100 radios.

The CP200 may soon be a thing of the past, but there is no cause for concern. There are plenty of options available to fill the void and maintain compatibility across the fleet with no worries.

Update: The Motorola CP200 was replaced by the Motorola CP200d.

4 thoughts on “Motorola to discontinue the CP200”

  • Keith Brockman

    Who repairs the CP200’s
    I have 16 needing repaired
    Have already spent WAY too much in replacements.
    Won’t hold charges
    Mics don’t work
    Radio can only receive but nothing going out.
    Just a few examples

    • Rick

      Hi Keith, the CP200 was discontinued over four years ago and was replaced by the Motorola CP200d. As such, support for the CP200 is rather limited from the manufacturer and within the marketplace. We need more information, but based on the issues you listed, it is possible they are power related. The life span of the rechargeable battery packs average between three to five years. If they are not holding a charge, chances are the radios may be able to receive but are too weak to transmit. Of course, there could be other issues, but we would need to know more to make a more complete assessment. However, it is possible you may only need to replace the battery packs.

      If you give us a call toll-free at 1-800-584-1445 or visit our live chat right here on our web site from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays, we will be happy to help you figure it out.

  • Greg,
    I great radio for you to use it the Motorola CP200D. This is an analog/digital radio, therefore you can use this with your current analog radio as well as digital radios.
    You will find this unit to be excellent in quality and durability.

  • Greg Eichman

    I want to purchase radios for use on film sets. I am in process of obtaining FCC license. Do I want VHF or UHF and which model of Motorola radio should I look at purchasing?


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