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Wouxun KG-UV920P-A programming and menu options

KG-UV920P-A-2.pngThe Wouxun KG-UV920P-A dual band mobile two way radio is a popular choice for ham radio operators who want to go mobile on the 2 meter (144-148MHz) or 70cm (420-450MHz) amateur radio bands without burning all the cash needed to get around town. But there's a lot more to this mobile than just the transceiver. The KG-UV920P-A also has cross band repeat capability, which means you can have a mobile repeater in your vehicle on demand. It can even become a base station radio when connected to an AC power source and mounted to a wall or desk, as depicted in this unboxing video. The typical mobile radio can cost hundreds, without premium features. Investing in the KG-UV920P-A for a low cost, low power cross-band repeater can save a lot of money on two way communications.

Key features

  • Dual Band UHF/VHF transmit and receive
  • 87.5-108MHz FM Radio (Receive Only)
  • 40W (UHF)/50W (VHF) Transmit Power
  • 999 Memory Channels
  • Dual Display
  • Remote Head Mounting Capability
  • Full Duplex Cross Band
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
  • Dual Speakers
  • Backlit DTMF Speaker Microphone
  • Incoming Message Display
  • DTMF Encoding and Decoding
  • Group Calls, All Calls and Selective Calls
  • Optional 8 Group Scramble
  • Priority Channel Scanning
  • APO Power Management
  • English Voice Prompts
  • Minimum Operating Voltage Alarm
  • Stun/Kill Function
  • Single Tone Pulse Frequency
  • Remote Control Settings
  • Frequency/Channel Scanning with CTCSS/DCS Detection
  • Cooling Fan
  • Companding
  • Selectable 3 Color Backlit LCD Display
  • Timeout Timer
  • PC Programmable
  • Supports 2.5k Step
  • Reset
  • Roger Beep Enable/Disable
  • Wideband/Narrowband operation

Programming the KG-UV920P-A
As with many mobile two way radios, the KG-UV920P-A can be programmed in one of two ways, either direct from the console on the front panel of the radio, or through a computer via programming software. Technically speaking, there is a third way. The radio can also be programmed directly from the DTMF keypad on the hand speaker mic.

Direct from the radio
While not impossible, programming direct from the radio can seem daunting, not so much because it is, but because of the sheer number of configuration options available. An evening with the owner's manual is helpful, but may not be particularly enlightening on the first read. However, it may be well worth the time and effort to learn, just in case you ever need to add a channel or two on the fly.

The menu consists of 45 items. Default settings are bold.

Menu # Menu Item Description Option
01 STEP Step frequency settings 2.5k to 100.0k|5k
02 WN Wide/Narrow bandwidth settings NARR (12.5k)|WIDE (25k)
03 MPOWSET Medium level power settings MPOW1 (20W)|MPOW2 (10W)
04 OFF-SET Offset frequency settings 0-599.995|0
05 ROGER Transmission prompt settings BOT|EOT|BOTH|OFF
06 BEEP beep prompt settings ON|OFF
07 VOICE voice prompt settings CHINESE|ENGLISH|OFF
08 BCL Busy Channel Lockout ON|OFF
10 SC-REV Scan Mode SE|TO|CO
11 TOT Timeout Timer 1-60 minutes|2MIN
12 TOA Transmission overtime alarm 1-10 seconds|OFF|5
13 ANI-SW Caller ID TX Settings ON|OFF
14 RING Ring time 1-10 seconds|OFF|3
15 ANI-EDIT Editing caller ID 100-999999
16 DTMFST DTMF sidetone settings DT-ST|ANI-ST|DT-ANI|OFF
17 PTT-ID Caller ID TX mode BOT|EOT|BOTH
18 TX-LED TX backlight color WHITE|BLUE|GREEN|OFF
19 WT-LED Standby backlight color BLUE|GREEN|OFF|WHITE
20 RX-LED RX backlight color GREEN|OFF|WHITE|BLUE
21 DEL-CH Deleting a channel 999 channels
(CH1 and CH2 not deletable)
22 CH-NAME Editing a channel name Name***
23 PRICH-SW Priority channel switch ON|OFF
24 SPK-CONT Speaker settings SPK1|SPK2|SPK1+2
25 AUTOLOCK Keypad auto lock ON|OFF
26 RX-CTC Receiving CTCSS 1-50|OFF
27 RX-DCS Receiving DCS 1-105|OFF
28 TX-CTC Transmitting CTCSS 1-50|OFF
29 TX-DCS Transmitting DCS 1-105|OFF
30 RPT-SPK Repeater speaker switch ON|OFF
31 RPT-PTT repeater PTT switch ON|OFF
33 SCAN-ADD Scan add ON|OFF
34 APO-TIME Automatic power off Levels 1-5 (30 Min increments)|OFF
35 ALERT Single-tone pulse frequency 1750Hz|2100Hz|1000Hz|1450Hz
37 FAN-SET Overheating detection TX|HI-TE/TX|ALWAYS
38 LOW-V Voltage testing ON|OFF
39 SCRAM Voice scrambler 1-8|OFF
41 RPT-TONE Repeater tone ON|OFF
42 SC-GROUP Scan group settings ALL|GROUP 1|GROUP 2|GROUP 3|GROUP 4
43 FM-RADIO FM radio function ON|OFF
44 RC-SW Remote control ON|OFF

Programming with software
The Wouxun programming software isn't the greatest application, but it's really not too bad, considering the alternative, which is to program the radio directly from the keypad.

The USB programming cable connector is somewhat specific for this mobile radio, so it isn't something you can freely swap out with other mobile transceivers. The Wouxun programming software is also specific to this model and is currently available for Windows PCs only, but it is available as a free download from Buy Two Way Radios. While not particularly intuitive, the software isn't that complicated, either. If you have programmed a two way radio before, it is somewhat self-explanatory. The USB cable driver needs to be installed first, which can become a challenge if the Wouxun KG-UV920P-A cable driver installation instructions are not properly followed, but once it is set up and the cable is working, it is ready when you need it.

The detachable front panel of of the KG-UV920P-A can be mounted inside your vehicle almost anywhere you need it for instant access and ease of operation. The console on the front panel includes an LCD display with a selectable three color backlight, channel knobs, volume knob and the equivalent of a DTMF keypad spread out across the face of the console. In effect, every operation that can be performed from the keypad on the speaker mic can also be initiated from the front panel of the radio.

Once the power button is pressed on the console, The KG-UV920P-A can be configured and controlled directly from the built-in DTMF keypad on the hand speaker mic. This is quite convenient, especially when the mic is in hand and the console is slightly out of reach. The speaker mic even has a volume wheel to adjust the output of the speaker on the mic. It also includes a keypad lock to prevent accidental key presses of the keys on the hand mic. The keypad consists of 16 keys. The keys and their primary functions are outlined in the chart below:

Button Operation
UP ARROW Select previous channel|Select menu option
DOWN ARROW Select next channel|Select menu option
1-BAND Change master channel/frequency
2-MHz Frequency/channel selection
4-MEMCH Save channel
5-H/L Set Power output (H-M-L)
6-VFO/MR Frequency mode/Channel mode switch
7-SET-D Frequency shift direction
8-TDR Single/dual display switch
9-SQL Set Squelch level
0-SCRAM Set voice scrambler
*-SCAN Scanning
#-LOCK Key lock
MENU Enter program menu|choose/set menu option
EXIT Exit program menu

The Wouxun KG-UV920P-A is a feature rich mobile radio at a value price. When you add in the cross-band repeat functionality, it's really quite a bargain.

2 thoughts on “Wouxun KG-UV920P-A programming and menu options”

  • Cato André Pettersen
    Cato André Pettersen August 13, 2019 at 8:28 am

    I need to increase the tx time to send, i need the tx to hang about 5 seconds after the rx shut down.

  • Paul Leatherman
    Paul Leatherman March 10, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    I purchased a Wouxon kg-uv920p-a from you a few months ago. I wanted to hook it up to a digital rigblaster but I don't know the mic pin location. I wanted to know if you have this so I could set the jumpers correct. I can't find anything on the net.


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