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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • TriSquare Radios, no License Required

    That is correct, TriSquare radios do not require a license from the FCC to use. They operate at 900 MHz frequencies which does not require a fee to use. They are also very private, with a few models having up to 10 billion channels, along with TriSquare's frequency hopping technology. Some models such as the TSX300-2VP also support text messaging. So if you are trying to find license free radios that offer a lot of privacy and text messaging you might want to give TriSquare walkie talkies a closer look.

    The TriSquare TSX100 Two Way Radio is an entry level design and comes one radio per pack. It has 1000 channels, hands-free (VOX), call alert and a backlit display.

    The TriSquare TSX100-2VP Two Way Radio is a value pack with two TSX100 radios and a dual pocket charger with rechargeable batteries.

    The TriSquare TSX100R-2VP Two Way Radio is a set of TSX100 radios with Realtree camouflage and dual pocket charger with rechargeable batteries.

    The TriSquare TSX300-2VP Two Way Radio has 10 billion channels and is loaded with features such as texting, VOX, Caller ID, 10 NOAA weather frequencies and vibrate mode for silent operation. The value includes two TriSquare TSX300 radios, a dual pocket desktop charger, two rechargeable battery packs and two VOX/PTT headsets.

    The TriSquare TSX300R-2VP Two Way Radio comes with two TSX-300 radios with Realtree camouflage, texting, VOX, Caller ID, 10 NOAA weather frequencies and vibrate mode for silent operation. The value includes two TriSquare TSX300 radios, a dual pocket desktop charger, two rechargeable battery packs and two VOX/PTT headsets.

  • Common Two Way Radio Accessories for Home and Work

    We find that a lot of people get excited by all the accessories we carry. In fact we try very hard to have in stock everything you might need for personal use or on a job site. Carrying all of the gear you need is just part of what we do to be a long-term provider and one stop resource for all of your communication needs. While consumer and commercial walkie talkies come with all of the basics and some even come standard with extra gear, there are a few additional radio accessories we get asked about.

    For camping and hiking most people like to have a spare battery and a case (holster). Paintball and Airsoft enthusiasts like all of the throat mics and tactical headsets we carry. Retail businesses often want small earpieces or light weight headsets, extra chargers and batteries. Heavy commercial businesses tend to need speaker mics, different sized antennas, earpieces and heavy duty headsets.

    To browse through our two way radio gear, just click on an Accessories link, browse to the brand of radio you have and there you will find everything listed by category: Batteries and Chargers, Cases and Belt Clips, Headsets, Speaker Microphones and Miscellaneous.

    As always, if there is something you need that you cannot find or you have any questions, please give us a call (1-800-584-1445) or send us an email.

  • Kenwood Rebate Offer!

    Kenwood has a great new rebate offer in effect from now until December 31, 2010. Purchase six Kenwood business radios of the same model (TK-2300V4P, TK-3300U4P, TK-2300V16P, TK-3300U16P, TK-2302V16P, or TK-3302U16P) and get cash back and a free multi-unit charger.

    Another great promotion from Kenwood: purchase six or more TK-3230 and get cash back.

    Click here for full details and visit Kenwood's rebate website.

  • A Garmin Two Way Radio with GPS for Camping, Hiking, and Hunting

    Fall is almost here and with it comes camping and hiking trips, deer hunting season and weekend trips to the country. One thing many outdoor adventurers need in addition to a set of walkie talkies is a GPS unit. So why not have both in one!

    The Garmin GPS / two way radios are a very smart buy if you want an easy to use GPS system and also a high quality two way radio. In fact, Garmin Rhinos are showing up all over the place, including several TV shows. They are rugged, high-tech and you may wonder how you ever went camping or hunting without one.

    Our entry level model, the Garmin Rhino 120, is a waterproof FRS/GMRS radio with a hand-held GPS. It even has 8 GMRS repeater frequencies. The 120 also features text messaging, a feature not found on many two way radios.

    If you are looking for a top of the line radio/GPS unit, then check out the Garmin Rhino 530 HCx. The 530 is waterproof, supports all 22 FRS/GMRS channels, NOAA weather channels, 8 GMRS repeater frequencies and text messaging. The 530 has a full color screen, MapSource software and a TracBack feature that allows you to retrace your path.

    In addition to the Rhino 120 and Rhino 530, we carry a full line of Garmin GPS / two way radios. If you have any questions about two way radios for personal or business use, just give us a call (1-800-584-1445) or send an email.

  • Best Two Way Radios for a Retail Business

    We get a lot of phone calls (1-800-584-1445) from owners and managers of retail businesses looking for two way radios. While there is not a single radio that meets the needs for every business, the Motorola CLP series comes close.

    Most retail shops are not very large, so they do not need bulky high powered radios. Employee training is also a constant concern. The Motorola CLP 1040 and CLP 1010 are compact and very easy to use. Almost as important to some businesses, they are also very stylish. They have a high tech look that really makes your employees look as sharp and sophisticated as the business they work for. It does not matter if you are a small retail shop, a salon, health club or even a night club. The CLP radios help to promote the image you have worked so hard to create.

    The CLP series is easy to scale up as you add employees. There is even a radio repeater for increasing range as your store grows in size! With plenty of great accessories and the reliability you expect from Motorola, the CLP series may be the best radios you will ever find.

  • Motorola Rebate Offer on DTR410, CLS, and RDX Series Radios

    Motorola Rebate Offer
    Motorola Rebate Offer

    Motorola has just launched a great rebate promotion! Through December 31st, 2010, when you purchase 6 or more DTR410, CLS, or RDX series radios get a free radio (of the same model) or a free multi-unit charger. Click here for full details and redemption form.

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