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New Motorola RM Series radios available this summer

RM Series XT400 Series RVA50 family front_270.pngMotorola is a big name in world of business walkie talkies, and their RDX series is a staple among businesses, agencies, organizations and industries that rely on portable handhelds for communications. Now the company is about to update their product line with the new Motorola RM Series two way radios, due for launch this summer.

The RM Series is expected to debut in July or August 2013 with five new models operating on 2 Watts. All are updated versions of 2 Watt RDX Series radios currently on the market. Details from Motorola are still sketchy but here are a few general notes on these new radios:

RMU2040 - This is a UHF radio with 4 channels and without a display that will replace the RDX RDU2020. MSRP: $245.

RMU2080 - Essentially the same radio as the RMU2040, but with 8 channels and no display. It will also replace the RDU2020. MSRP: $290.

RMU2080d - This model operates on UHF business frequencies and has 8 channels. Think of an RMU2080 with a display and this is it. Replaces the RDX RDU2080d. MSRP: $310.

RMM2050 - One of the most interesting of the series, as it is a MURS radio. It supports all five VHF MURS frequencies and, unlike the 2 channel RDM2020, the RMM2050 has five channels, enough for each frequency. It does not, however, include a display. The RMM2050 replaces both the RDM2020 and RDM2080d, the latter of which is a display model. So if you specifically want a MURS radio with a display, you may want to consider the RDM2080d while they are still around. MSRP: $225.

RMV2080 - The VHF version of the RMU2020 and RMU2080 has 8 channels and no display. It replaces both the RDV2020 and RDV2080d. MSRP: $245.

Although these new radios will eventually replace 2 Watt models in the current RDX Series, the 4 and 5 watt models, such as the RDU4100, RDU4160d and RDV5100, are not scheduled for replacement, at least not yet. In addition, all RDX radios will continue to be available until early 2014. We will have more details on the new Motorola RM Series two way radios as they become available. Some model specifications and features may be subject to change. Subscribe to our blog at Buy Two Way Radios for the latest updates!

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