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Radio 101 - Troubleshooting keys on a Midland GXT two way radio

If your Midland GXT Series two way radio stops responding when you press the buttons, don't panic. It may be a simple fix. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios provides a few quick and easy troubleshooting tips that may resolve the problem and save you a call to customer service. These troubleshooting steps apply to most Midland GXT and LXT Series two way radios, including the Midland GXT860, Midland GXT895, Midland GXT1000, GXT1050, GXT2000 and GXT2050.

30 thoughts on “Radio 101 - Troubleshooting keys on a Midland GXT two way radio”

  • Rick

    Hi Dana, your GXT and LXT radios are indeed compatible with each other. If all the radios are on the same channel, chances are your GXT radios are configured to use a CTCSS/DCS interference eliminator code on that channel and the LXT radios are not configured with the same code or any code at all.
    To fix this, simply check your GXT radios to find out what CTCSS or DCS code the channel is assigned to and set your LXT radios to the same code on the same channel.
    For more information on these codes and how to perform a quick fix, check out our video Radio 101 - Privacy Code Issues on GMRS Radios. For a more detailed explanation on CTCSS/DCS codes, listen to The Two Way Radio Show episode TWRS-08 - Talking Publicly About Privacy Codes.

  • Dana

    We have Midland GXT radios and just bought the Midland LXT radios, thinking they would communicate back and forth. If we talk on the GXT, we can hear it on both radios, but if we talk on the LXT, we can only hear it on the LXT models. This only gives us a one way communication. I thought they were somewhat universal and that they were compatible. Can you please advise?

  • Cal naum

    I have 2 gxt 1050 walkie talkies and they worked fine, when I turned the 1 on, it was fine. I turned the 2 one on and it would turn on but none of the buttons were working, I've trying everything that I can do but like get new batteries, I'm trying everything and nothing is working, but like I said the walkie talkie is on, the orange light will go on when I turn the walkie talkie on. I just don't know, I don't know if I should just go puy new ones. Any tips????

  • Robert Correa

    I have 4 Midland gxt745 radios and the rx is constantly on and static drives me crazy. How can I stop this and have my radio go back to normal. I have 2 radios that do this. The other 2 don't.

  • Rick

    Hi Jacquie, Although the Midland LXT210 was discontinued awhile back, the owners manual is still available for download on product page.

  • jacquie payne

    I have the Midland LXT210 X-TRA Talk and lost my instructions, could you please tell me how to replace them.
    Thank You
    Jacquie Payne


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