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Cobra Two Way Radio Battery Compatibility Chart

One important consideration when choosing a portable handheld two way radio is power. Since batteries are usually the primary sources of power for handheld radios, the type of power cells needed is a key question. There are many makes and models of radios to choose from and there are a many different types and sizes of batteries available on the market, some of which are only compatible with specific radios, so the answer can be quite confusing.

In the case of Cobra FRS/GMRS two way radios, the battery options are specific, yet they vary significantly between different models within the product line, even between models that use the same type of battery. To simplify things, we've created a chart that compares all current Cobra consumer walkie talkies with the types, sizes and the number of batteries each radio requires.

Model Battery Type Size Quantity
CX112 Alkaline AAA 3
CX210 Alkaline AAA 4
CX312 Alkaline/Rechargeable AA 3
CXT135 Alkaline/Rechargeable AAA 3
CXT145 Alkaline/Rechargeable AAA 3
CXT235 Alkaline/Rechargeable AAA 4
CXT345 Alkaline/Rechargeable AA 3
CXT390 Alkaline/Rechargeable AA 3
CXT425 Alkaline/Rechargeable AAA 4
CXT545 Alkaline/Rechargeable AA 3
CXR725 Lithium-Ion CXR725 Battery Pack 1
CXR825 Lithium-Ion CXR825 Battery Pack 1
CXR925 Lithium-Ion CXR925 Battery Pack 1

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