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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Digital Radio unboxing video

    TYT shook up the digital two way radio marketplace when it first introduced the full featured and low priced TYT MD-380. Two years later, they created the MD-390, a GPS enabled model that was waterproof and submersible. Now TYT has done it again, with the TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio!

    What's it like? Find out in this unboxing video, as Rick Savoia from Buy Two Way Radios opens it up, turns it on and gives you a first look at this dual band digital portable handheld now available for pre-order.

    Want more videos? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

  • FCC ruling on Part 95 reform

    In 2010, the FCC proposed changing Part 95 rules on Personal Radio Services, including the FRS, GMRS and CB. The commission introduced WT Docket No. 10-119 and solicited comments from the public. The commission issued a proposed Report and Order April 27, 2017 to reform Part 95. After nearly seven years, the FCC brought the proposal up for consideration and a possible ruling at their monthly Open Commission Meeting on the morning of May 18, 2017.

    Consideration of the Report and Order for Part 95 reform was the third item on the meeting agenda. Nese Guendelsberger, Acting Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, introduced the proposed report and order to the commission.

    FCC Mobility Division Deputy Chief Tom Derenge presented the proposal. "We did a thorough review of all Part 95 rules because many are decades old and contained outdated requirements and are inconsistent with current uses of the services", Derenge stated.

    Commissioner Michael O'Rielly attempted to answer the long standing question as to why it took so long to rule on the proposal. "Seven years later and no one has a great reason for the delay", O'Rielly said, and then added "though it's clearly not the fault of the staff."

    After a very short consideration, the Part 95 Reform Report and Order was unanimously approved by the commissioners. For details, read the official FCC press release.

    According to the FCC, rules usually become effective 30 days after they are published in the Federal Register.

    For a review of key changes to the new Part 95 rules, read FCC considers reform of Part 95 rules for personal radio services. We discuss the proposal in depth in Episode 112 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

  • Motorola extends the warranty on business two way radios

    Motorola-CLS1410.jpgMotorola announced an extension of their warranty on all Motorola business two way radios. All business radio series previously covered for one year will now be covered for by a two year replacement warranty. According to the company, the new warranty also applies to all models already sold and currently in use.

    Radios affected by the new two year warranty include all CLS, CLP, DLR, DTR, RDX (also known as RD), and RM series. All manufacturer branded Motorola business two way radio accessories are still covered by the standard one year replacement warranty.

    The new two year warranty is now in effect.

    Questions? contact us at 1-800-584-1445 from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays, send us an e-mail or enter our live chat at www.buytwowyradios.com.

  • Motorola Talkabout Radio Replacement Guide

    Motorola Talkabout Radio Replacement.jpg

    Motorola has long been a giant in the world of FRS/GMRS two way radios. The company's Talkabout line is well known among consumers and the iconic peanut shape previously incorporated into many of these models is widely recognized as an established image of the Motorola brand. However, in the last year or so, Motorola introduced an entirely new line of TalkAbout radios to replace them, with new features, new options and a whole new look.

    Why the makeover?
    Simply put, the old or legacy Talkabouts, as Motorola now calls them, were not actually manufactured by the radio giant itself, but by another giant, namely a company known as Giant International. The Motorola name was licensed to Giant on a contractual basis, and Giant produced and distributed the familiar peanut style radios worldwide under the Motorola Talkabout® label as part of that agreement.

    The contract was not renewed. Motorola took over the manufacturing of the Talkabout line and designed a new generation of radios around it. Known as the Motorola Talkabout T-Series, these new radios were sent to distribution by Motorola directly, in preparation for the eventual replacement of the legacy models once the Giant contract ended.

    The contract with Giant ended in March 2017. From that point onward, manufacturing of the legacy models by Giant ceased and by April they could only sell to distributors and retailers what they had in stock.

    What about compatibility?
    With millions of legacy Talkabout radios already sold and still currently in use, the obvious question would be about compatibility with the new Motorola models. As far as the FRS and GMRS is concerned, no worries. Nearly all contemporary FRS/GMRS combination radios are compatible with one another, so it is not an issue at all.

    However, when it comes to matching old and new Talkabout hardware, there are limitations. Users of the old Giant models will need to switch to the new Motorola models when they upgrade or add to an existing fleet of Talkabout radios. Some components such as chargers and belt clips will not be interchangeable. Some rechargeable battery packs may be interchangeable, but not all. However, models that can also use standard alkaline batteries may be cross compatible. As for audio accessories, Motorola kept their standard M6 connector used on the legacy models, so existing earpieces, headsets and speaker microphones designed for the old radios should be fully compatible with the new models.

    Are the old Talkabout radios still available?
    If component compatibility or exact model matching is a must, there are still a few legacy radios available to purchase, although in very limited quantity. Some models are already sold out and are no longer available. As for the models still in stock, get them while you can. At the current rate of depletion, we anticipate all series of legacy Talkabout radios will be sold by the end of May 2017. The entire line of current Motorola Talkabout® T-Series radios is now available from our warehouse at Buy Two Way Radios.

    To simplify the process, here's a handy dandy chart to help migrate from old to new models. The chart below compares the old legacy Talkabout models produced for Motorola by Giant International with their new equivalent replacements manufactured by Motorola. We also have a Two Way Radio Product Comparison tool so you can choose between any two specific models of these or any other two way radios on our site for a feature-for-feature comparison between them.

    Motorola Talkabout® FRS/GMRS Two Way Radio Replacement Chart

    Old Model Range* Compatible
    New Model Range*
    MG160A Low AAA Batteries T100 Low
    MG167A Low AAA Batteries T107 Low
    MD200R Low AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T200 Low
    MD200TPR Low AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T200TP Low
    MD207R Low AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T200 Low
    MH230R Mid Audio Accessories T260 Mid
    MH230TPR Mid Audio Accessories T260TP Mid
    MJ270R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T400 Mid
    MR350R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T460 Mid
    MR350TPR Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T460 Mid
    MR355R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T465 Mid
    MS350R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T600 Mid
    MS355R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T605 Mid
    MT350R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T460 Mid
    MT352R Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T460 Mid
    MT352TPR Mid AA Batteries
    PMNN4477AR Battery
    Audio Accessories
    T460 Mid
    MU350R Mid -- --N/A--
    MU354R Mid -- --N/A--

    *Motorola advertises FRS/GMRS radio range in miles, however your actual range may vary as it depends on a number of variables. In this chart, we to refer to range as Low, Mid or High. For a brief introduction on two way radio range, watch our short video Radio 101 - The Truth About FRS/GMRS Two Way Radio Range.

    For a more accurate, real world estimation of actual range, refer to Rick's Simple GMRS Radio Range Chart.

  • TWRS-112 - The FCC Proposal To Reform Part 95 Rules in 2017

    Two Way Radio Show
    We discuss a proposal by the FCC to completely reform the Part 95 rules for the FRS, GMRS, CB, and other personal radio services. We also review the Midland MXT115 MicroMobile GMRS Two Way Radio and give you an inside update on the status of the new TYT MD2017 dual band DMR two way radio.

    Intro :00
    Billboard 1:21

    Discussion Topic 1:40
    We tell you about a proposal by the FCC to completely reform the Part 95 rules for Personal Radio Services, including the FRS, GMRS, CB, and more. We'll tell you what those proposed changes are, when the FCC may rule on them, and speculate on how the new rules may affect the consumer two way radio market.

    Commercial Break 26:44
    buytwowayradios.com 1:00

    Product Review 27:40
    We review the new Midland MXT115 MicroMobile GMRS 2-Way Radio.

    Questions and Answers 36:15
    Questions from readers of our Two Way Radio Blog and members of the Two Way Radio Forum.

    TYT MD-2017 Update 40:55
    We give you a status update on the new TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR digital handheld two way radio.

    Wrap up and Close 45:28
    Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show[at]buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

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