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Motorola VX-261/CP200d/SL300 rebate promotion

Motorola VX-261/CP200d/SL300 Rebate Offer!From now until the end of June 2020 you can receive up to a $400 rebate* with the purchase of 10 VX-261/CP200d/SL300 portable two way radios!

The VX-261 has enhanced audio, premium features and a universal battery system for maximum value. The SL300 combines the enhanced audio quality, range and battery life of a digital radio while maintaining compatibility with your existing analog radios. The CP200d is a great way to go digital and has the features and durability of its predecessor, the Motorola CP200. It's available for use in analog or digital mode. All three models are available to ship today at Buy Two Way Radios. Request a free quote!

The rebate applies to the following models and rebate amounts:

VX-261 $15 10 Radios $150
SL300 $30 10 Radios $300
CP200d $40 10 Radios $400

3 thoughts on “Motorola VX-261/CP200d/SL300 rebate promotion”

  • Christopher Wynn
    Christopher Wynn January 22, 2020 at 7:35 am

    Hey, I was wondering if the Kenwood ProTalk 16 Channel Portable UHF Two-Way radio would work with the Bf-888s by default

    • Rick

      The Baofeng BF-888 is capable of transmitting on UHF business frequencies, so it should be able to communicate with a Kenwood ProTalk radio. However, the BF-888 is not necessarily pre-programmed for business frequencies out of the box, or may not be programmed at all, so both radios would need to be programmed to the same frequencies and privacy codes to work with each other.

  • Christian Jauntig
    Christian Jauntig January 15, 2020 at 8:55 am

    We are looking to purchase about 35-45 radios. We currently have Motorola Mag Ones and Kenwoods that are all programmed to work together. I need a quote for additional radios that can be programmed to the same frequency's as our existing radio's


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