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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • The Midland Radio You All May Want

    We have a Midland radio that you all might be interested in. The Midland Base Camp XT511 combines a NOAA weather radio, AM/FM radio, and FRS/GMRS radio. The XT511 is perfect for campers and other outdoor enthusiast to use as a base station / weather radio.

    One great feature is that it can also operate on battery power, you can plug it into a power source, or by turning the Dynamo crank. It is a smart idea to have a crank powered radio for emergency use, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. And since this a GMRS radio, just add a set of Midland GXT740VP3 Radios, and you will have the communications part of a home emergency kit covered.

    The XT511 and a set of GMRS radios is also great for a small home business since your family members can use the GMRS radios. They could even work as a base station and radio set for a small farm, or outdoor business that needs to stay informed of the weather.

  • Motorola Business Radio Offer, Buy Five Get One Free!

    Motorola Business Rebate
    Motorola Rebate

    Motorola has just launched a great new promotion! Through December 31st, 2009, when you purchase 5 or more DTR410, CLS, and RDX series radios get a free radio (of the same model) or a free multi charger. Click here for full details and redemption form.

  • Two of the Best Business Radios Around

    There are a lot of our friends and customers that really like Icom radios. Who can argue with them, they are reliable, tough, and priced right (I mean the radios not our friends). Once you use a set for a while you learn just how reliable and easy to use they are. Most businesses do not need a radio with a lot of features. They just want something that will work every day, have a good battery life, and be easy to use. The Icom F24 and Icom F14 meet this need perfectly!

    We have some friends and customers out there though that need radios with all of the features. The Icom IC-F60V-01-RC and the Icom IC-F50V-01-DTC are very tough radios designed for large work sites, warehouses, and businesses. They have 128 channels, are repeater capable, and have a large capacity Li-Ion battery pack, while still being relatively compact in size.

    The Icom IC-F60V-01-RC is a UHF radio with 4 watts of power. Dust and water proof, it is designed for rough working environments. It has a loud audio output, privacy codes, and safety alert features. With 128 channels and 8 memory banks you are able to use a wide variety of channels for even the largest communications system.

    The Icom IC-F50V-01-DTC is VHF and has 5 watts of power. It is also dust and water proof, has a loud audio output, and safety features. The F50V has 128 channels and 8 memory banks.

    If your business needs some tough radios with a lot of channels, long lasting Li-Ion batteries, and are able to scale up to even the biggest communications system, give these radio a look. Call us if you have any questions.

  • Icom M34 Marine Radio: Now Shipping!

    A new radio just showed up here at Buy Two Way Radios, the Icom M-34 Marine Radio. This a great addition to the other marine walkie talkies we carry. The M34 is what you would expect from Icom, a tough radio that is made to last. In a marine enviroment, having a reliable radio is one of the most important items on your boat.

    The IC-M34 is a 5 watt VHF radio that is very water resistant (1m depth for up to 30 minutes). The radio has what Icom calls the AquaQuake feature. It uses a vibrating sound to help remove water from the speaker grill.

    The radio will even float, making it great for a ditch bag.

    It has a large, easy to read backlight display and large buttons so it should be easy to use on a moving boat. The IC-M34 has the ability to set a favorite channels for quick channel changes, and also has instant access to channel 16 or 9.

    The Icom M34 is light weight and compact for a marine radio. This makes it ideal for use as a backup radio, or even for use on craft that do not go far from shore. The M34 has a removable antenna so you can connect it to a larger fix mounted one as well to increase its range.

    If you have been looking for an Icom marine radio, give this one a look. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Rebate on Select Kenwood Radios

    Kenwood has just launched a great new promotion! Through December 31st, 2009, you qualify for a $30 rebate per radio when you purchase six or more Kenwood ProTalk TK-2200L-V2P, TK-2200L-V8P, TK-3200L-U2P, and TK-3200L-U15P radios!

    In addition there is also a $25 rebate per radio on six or more Kenwood TK-3230 radios.

    Kenwood is known for having some great rebate offers, and with all of the models included in this rebate, this is no exception. These are some great business radios, and with these savings now may be a very good time to place an order!

    Click here for full details and redemption form.

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