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Default Frequencies for Motorola Business Radios

The Motorola business radios available at Buy Two Way Radios are pre-programmed with itinerant business frequencies by default. Although these radios can be re-programmed to custom frequencies to provide some exclusivity, many businesses opt to use the common frequencies already programmed into the radios. An FCC license is still required to use these frequencies, however it is faster and less expensive to purchase a Business Itinerant Frequency License than to obtain a Single Business Frequency License for a frequency that is exclusive to your operation.

The following is a list of Motorola business radios with their channel numbers and the default frequencies assigned to them out of the box.

CLS Series (1 Watt)

Model Channel Freq. No. Frequency Code
1 2 464.5500 67.0
CLS1410 2 8 467.9250 67.0
3 5 467.8500 67.0
4 6 467.8750 67.0

RM/RDX Series UHF (2 Watt)

Model Channel Freq. No. Frequency Code
1 2 464.5500 67.0
2 8 467.9250 67.0
3 5 467.8500 67.0
4 6 467.8750 67.0
5 10 461.0625 67.0
6 12 461.1125 67.0
7 14 461.1625 67.0

RM/RDX Series VHF (2 Watt)

Model Channel Freq. No. Frequency Code
1 20 154.4900 67.0
2 21 154.5150 67.0
3 1 151.6250 67.0
4 2 151.9550 67.0
5 10 151.5125 67.0
6 12 151.6850 67.0
7 15 151.7750 67.0

RDX Series UHF (4 Watt)

Model Channel Freq. No. Frequency Code
1 1 464.5000 67.0
2 1 464.5000 77.0
3 1 464.5000 88.5
4 1 464.5000 179.9
5 1 464.5000 None
6 2 464.5500 67.0
7 2 464.5500 82.5
8 2 464.5500 94.8
9 2 464.5500 179.9
10 2 464.5500 None
11 22 461.3625 74.4
12 30 462.4875 79.7
13 32 462.5375 85.4
14 34 462.0375 91.5
15 36 464.0875 97.4
16 38 464.1375 103.5

RDX Series VHF (5 Watt)

Model Channel Freq. No. Frequency Code
RDV5100 1 1 151.6250 67.0
2 1 151.6250 77.0
3 1 151.6250 88.5
4 1 151.6250 179.9
5 1 151.6250 None
6 2 151.9550 67.0
7 2 151.9550 82.5
8 2 151.9550 94.8
9 2 151.9550 179.9
10 2 151.9550 None

34 thoughts on “Default Frequencies for Motorola Business Radios”

  • willie G.Shaka

    How can i get the TX and RX for the radio you are talking about

  • Tony Smith

    I just started up our church security team which has been inactive for 7 years. They have 5 CP 150
    Motorola radios. What is the default frequency for the different channels?

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez July 12, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    What is a default frequency of Motorola CP 1660

    • Rick

      We are based in the US and are not familiar with the Motorola CP 1660. Apparently it is sold in Asia, and although several online retailers based overseas do list it, a quick search on this model on Motorola's Asia Pacific site does not list it at all. You may need to contact Motorola directly regarding this model.

  • Chandler wilson
    Chandler wilson May 2, 2019 at 11:20 am

    What's the channel frequency for channel 1 and 2 on the xlt1500

    • Rick

      The Motorola Astro XLT 1500 is an older P25 radio and is no longer manufactured. You may need to contact Motorola directly for assistance.

  • Marc

    Hi there, Hope you can help me. Im looking for the default frequencies for motorola cp040 im not too sure which type it is so if possible could i get the list for each type in that range? Many thanks

  • Bryan

    hi their I was hoping to find out what the frequency for the CLS1110 with channel 1, freq 1, and code 12. work does not have enough radios so i got a baofeng uv-5r cheep on amazon. thanks for the help.

  • Daniel

    I got a motorola 2 way radios is a motrola ht1250lstu if 450-512mhz

  • Walter Jackson

    I got the Motorola CP200 at a yard sale. Can I use it at night for hunting. I don't have a FCC license. Do I need a license to use the radio. Or is it against the rules. Not sure of the frequencies on the radio. Any information would be appreciated thank you.

    • rick

      Hi Walter, the CP200 is a business radio and operates on licensed business frequencies, each of which are assigned to the business or organization which holds the license for it. FRS/GMRS radios are usually a better choice for hunting, and there are radios and radio accessories specifically designed with hunters in mind. Higher powered GMRS radios do require a license, but it is easy to acquire one from the FCC. FRS radios are licensed by rule, which means that you do not need to obtain a license to operate one. In other words, they are "license free."

      Here is a list of some popular FRS/GMRS radios for hunting.

  • Nick

    Hi, i want to pair my Motorola GP 628 Plus, can i know the default frequency for my motorola GP 628 Plus? Help me please...

    • rick

      Nick, I'm not sure what you mean by "pairing". Are you trying to connect your radio to another device? The Motorola GP628 Plus is sold in Asia, however we are based in the US and do not carry this model. We do not have a list of default frequencies for this radio, and it may need to be programmed to specific frequencies out of the box. You may need to contact the manufacturer for the programming software and instructions.

  • You sure your not holding the call button instead of the talk button? I have a UV-5+ and on that a single press it turns on the radio, but on a long press it sounds a alarm both on my unit as well as anyone else’s on the same frequency. By changing the alarm setting (option 32 in the menu) to site only mode a long press will only make the alarm go off on my unit not others on the same frequency. Hope this helps, not sure if the UV-8s are the same.

  • Paul

    Do you have a CHIRP file that will let me program the CLS1410 frequencies into my Baofeng UV-82? Job required I buy a radio and these were in the budget but the boss has the CLS1410. I figured out how to hear but when I try and transmit he hears a very loud alarm sound.

  • Rick

    Hi Crystal, the BC130 will need to be programmed to match the same frequencies and PL tones you are using in the CLS1410. The BC130 is a proprietary model manufactured by Motorola for a specific dealer, so chances are you will need to contact them directly for programming issues and support.

  • Crystal

    I am looking to use a Motorola CLS1410 with a current set of Motorola BC130 UHF 4W 16 CH radios, can anyone help me figure out how to make these two work together?

  • Rick

    Hi Ricardo, the VX-261 is a programmable radio. It must be programmed to specific frequencies. You will need to contact who ever programmed the radios used at work to obtain them.

  • Ricardo Sousa
    Ricardo Sousa May 2, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    Hi guys.
    I had laying around my Baofeng uv-r5 (stopped playing airsoft with the folks) and now I'm thinking of putting it to use for work. The guys at work use Vertex vx-261-g6-5.
    I've been trying to find the frequencies for the channels, but it seems that I'm not able to do so?
    Do you guys, by any chance have the frequency list for these?

    Thanks in advance,
    Ricardo Sousa

  • Rick

    Hi Robie, the BPR40 is not pre-programmed by Motorola out of the box. It must be programmed to specific frequencies.

  • Robie

    Does any know what the factory radio frequencies for a Motorola brp40 8 Channel UHF radio are, I have searched every for them and cant find them. Thanks

  • Christopher Else
    Christopher Else February 9, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    i need help! how can i find out the default radio frequencies for the motorola cp200d?

  • Ryan

    CP200 factory Frequency's?
    why is it rocket science to get the CP200 Freqs Fresh out box. New radio....?

  • John

    What is the default freq. For motorola gp3188? From channel 1-16


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